“Futures Literacy”

Οι μαθητές του τμήματος Γ5 Γυμνασίου, την Τρίτη, 18 Μαΐου, συμμετείχαν στη δράση «Αλφαβητισμός του Μέλλοντος», η οποία πραγματοποιήθηκε υπό την αιγίδα της Έδρας UNESCO για την Έρευνα και το Μέλλον.

“Futures Literacy”

The 9th grade students of Class 5 took part in the action “Futures Literacy,” which was carried out under the aegis of UNESCO Chair on Future Research on Tuesday 18 of May.

The organisers, Mr. Εpameinondas Christofilopoulos and Androniki Papaterpou, introduced students to basic notions and techniques in relation to their fields, they talked about the way in which possible versions of the future can be explored and, finally, they briefly presented the method of management of unexpected events, such as the coronavirus pandemic.

During the second phase of this action, students were asked to use their imagination, in order to present their own version of the future. For this reason, they were divided into two groups.

The first group, using the computers of Mandoulides Schools and deploying all the potential of the game Minecraft Education Edition, aimed to construct a tool which will exist in the future. By playing in the specially designed world provided by the organisers, the participants had to follow certain steps, in order to discover the desirable characteristics that the tool, which they would finally realise, would have to possess.

The second group of students, driven by imagination, had a discussion in relation to the actions that will probably take place in a future world. At the end of this discussion, the team members employed art techniques, such as drawing and making crafts, so as to illustrate the actions that they had discussed about.

All students, both from the first and the second group, produced creative and innovative works which they presented to one another. In this way, through this creative procedure, they managed to get in contact with this new to them field, to be in the position of a specialist and to conceive the possibilities of such a research.