Learning ...differently

Πρωτότυπα παιχνίδια γνώσεων στην Ιστορία και τη Γεωγραφία πραγματοποιήθηκαν στο προαύλιο του Δημοτικού Σχολείου.

Learning ...differently

Students of the elementary school had fun learning in the schoolyard while playing original knowledge games on the topics of History and Geography. The children of the two older classes, full of excitement and enthusiasm, did their best for their class to come first, in a context of fair competition and knowledge exchange.

Through the knowledge game of "Polybius, the Ignorant of History", 5th Grade Students travelled to the Roman and Byzantine years, while 6th Grade Students attempted a mental journey from the Renaissance and the Enlightenment Periods to the Greek Revolution, the Macedonian Struggle and the First World War.

Respectively, through the game "Maps, compass ... let’s go!", 5th Grade Students went on a tour to less or most known corners of our country. At the same time, 6th Grade Students, following the path of the earth around itself and the sun, travelled in our planetary system, met oceans and continents, mountain ranges and plains and travelled to the countries of Europe and their capital cities.

The most essential, though, was that students had fun while learning!