«Mission X: Train Like an Astronaut»

«Mission X: Train Like an Astronaut»

As part of the educational program "Mission X: Train Like an Astronaut" ,1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Grade Students got acquainted with the healthy lifestyle of the astronauts and the special training they receive so as to be ready to cope with the accommodation conditions on the International Space Station.

Specifically, within the six-week program, children learned how to eat healthily and in accordance to the healthy food pyramid, but also they found out that taste changes for astronauts, as it is affected by their reduced sense of smell in space.

In addition, students watched videos from NASA, which helped them understand the astronauts' meals, their shape, their packaging and how some of them were "cooked" inside the International Space Station by the astronauts themselves shortly before their consumption.

They also talked about their height and its difference when on Earth and when in space. In the end, they had fun playing the improvised Eat Healthy board game, which they were responsible for from its design to its completion. Our students, as modern nutritionists, created original menus, tailored to the requirements of NASA nutritionists.

At the end of their mission and having completed their booklets in which they gathered all the main stations of this exciting journey with the astronauts, they received their awards. Now they are ready to become the future astronauts!