Sports Day in Kindergarten

«Ημέρα Αθλητισμού» στο Νηπιαγωγείο, το English Garden και τον Παιδικό Σταθμό των Εκπαιδευτηρίων σημαίνει αυλές γεμάτες παιδικές φωνές και χαμόγελα

Sports Day in Kindergarten

"Sports Day" in the Kindergarten, English Garden and Day Care Center of Mandoulides Schools, means yards full of children's voices and smiles! Our young students, from Juniors to Kindergarten stood on the starting lines of the courts and when they heard their coach's cheers, they did their best, competing in speed.

They also competed in relay races, they held and threw balls and tested their strength on adventure routes with ropes, hoops and cones, exercising all of their body parts.

What is more important though is that they learned the value of sport, competition and fair play, but also the power of effort and perseverance in goals and objectives, commensurate with their age and abilities.

So, see you on the courts … whatever the sport!