Kindergarten Graduation Ceremony

Kindergarten Graduation Ceremony

The Kindergarten students, as well as the Beatles, said goodbye to their classmates and teachers and got prepared to attend the “big school”, in a moving ceremony that took place in the cool garden of Kindergarten.

Even though the past year was difficult and special, the voices of our young students were reunited, sending everyone their own messages of hope and optimism through their improvised poems and songs.

What if the pandemic imposed its own terms on our ceremony?

The fun, joy, laughter and excitement of the little protagonists throughout the ceremony and the party that followed were so intense, that they created an amazing atmosphere, that will surely be engraved in the hearts of all our young children as a sweet memory of their first steps at school.

We wish all the children all the best on their unique journey into the world of knowledge, which has just begun.

Happy summer to all and see you again in September at the First Grade of Primary School!