Emotional Atmosphere at the Graduation Ceremony of 12th Grade Students of Mandoulides Schools

Σε κλίμα συγκίνησης πραγματοποιήθηκε η φετινή Τελετή Αποφοίτησης των μαθητών της Γ΄ Λυκείου των Εκπαιδευτηρίων, στις εγκαταστάσεις του Γυμνασίου - Λυκείου.

Emotional Atmosphere at the Graduation Ceremony of 12th Grade Students of Mandoulides Schools

In an atmosphere filled with emotion, this year’s 12th grade Graduation Ceremony of Mandoulides Schools was held on the Junior – Senior High School premises.

It was a celebration full of memories, wishes, music, a screening of moments of school life and touching speeches. The event took place on Wednesday, 30 June 2021, with all the necessary measures imposed by the current epidemiological circumstances being taken.

The keynote speaker of the event was Mr. Nikos Papapetrou, a graduate of ’97, General Manager of Renewables and Storage Development of the company “Mytilineos.” 

In the beginning of his speech, Mr. Papapetrou, being a 1997 graduate himself, welcomed the new graduates to the “broad family of Mandoulides Schools” and stressed: “I belong to the first generations of alumni of Mandoulides Schools. You have graduated, as I have, from a really demanding school, which has equipped you with useful tools, values and principles. These will be proven precious for the rest of your lives. They will emerge in unexpected times as valuable aid and will guide you in relation to right and important decisions.”

Later on, addressing the graduates, Mr. Papapetrou provided them with his own advice in relation to the new stage of life that they are embarking on: “Whatever the profession you select may be, attempt to acknowledge the tendencies that will change the world. This is the only way you can succeed, irrespective of the professional field you will engage yourselves in. When I was a high school graduate, the emerging changes used to be the Internet, mobile phones and the rise of China, which was considered a poor country at that time. Today’s new tendencies –according to my frame of thought – consist of the energy transition, artificial intelligence and everything related to China” he highlighted. In addition, he prompted the graduates to do what they love, for this is the only road to success, and never be afraid of failure, but learn how to handle it instead.  

The farewell speech to the graduates was delivered by the President of Mandoulides Schools, Mrs. Aikaterini Mandoulidou, who thanked parents for the trust they have been exhibiting for all these years and, addressing the graduates, she urged them to follow the paradigm of life of the founder of Mandoulides Schools, exceptional teacher and dreamer, Evangelos Mandoulidis. “Evangelos Mandoulidis was a fighter in life since the day he was born, in times much harder than the current. Let his life course set an enlightening paradigm for you (outstanding and proud graduates of the Schools of Evangelos Mandoulidis) and, as you proceed in the following stages of your life, let it contribute to your efforts to overcome difficulties and fight for a better future for you and your country, while possessing principles, values and higher ideals” she highlighted. 

General Director and Senior High School Principal of the Schools, Dr, Aspa Chasioti,who was in charge of the organisation of the event, welcomed the attendants and, while addressing the graduates, she highlighted: “From an early age you have met with the challenges of life. Since March 2020 your reality has been altered. School classrooms turned into digital classrooms and teams. Homework became assessments, tests became forms, the fun during the lessons and breaks took the form of messages and video calls and, finally, the laughter, the tears and feelings turned into emoticons, when the camera was turned off and while the teacher was typing on the screen. Plenty of new words, a great number of changes and alterations. Nevertheless, you successfully coped with all these and it should be mentioned that my colleagues and I myself have derived courage from you, in order to continue offering the best to you and guarantee that you wouldn’t miss anything during this crucial, regarding your future, period. You have proven to be well-trained though. You are fighters. You are our heroes. You experienced history and you are now shaping your own history. You took exams in the middle of the pandemic and I truly wish for the results to be respective of your efforts and expectations. You had plenty of tools though. The school and your families took care of that.”

Honorary awards were given at the ceremony to graduates who were admitted into top American and European universities, gained distinctions in international and national competitions in mathematics, physics, chemistry and biology or exhibited remarkable performance in computer science, Forensics, international conferences, Greek language, music, theater, dance, drawing and, of course, sports.

The “Evangelos Mandoulidis” award was presented to graduate Ioannis Dimoulios, while the farewell speech on behalf of this year’s graduates was delivered by graduate Christina Karafyllia. The graduates were welcomed to the Alumni Association of Mandoulides Schools by Foteini Karazidou - Siagkri, Vice President of the administrative board of the Alumni Association, Lawyer LLM on European Union Law, MA on Civic Law. 

The graduation ceremony, at which all the necessary protective measures against the coronavirus were taken, was attended by parents, graduates’ relatives and members of the teaching personnel.