Distinctions in international universities (2020 - 2021)

Success of students in universities abroad 2020 - 2021

The following are the results regarding students who have been so far admitted to universities abroad for the school year 2020 - 2021.

12th grade students who have been admitted this far are:


University Student’s name
University of Leeds I. Symeonidou
University of Nottingham A. Charizona
University of Glasgow Α. Papazikos
University of Southampton Α. Papazikos
University of Bristol Α. Papazikos, Ε. Ntaountakis, I. Symeonidou
University of Manchester Α. Papazikos
University of Surrey Μ. Ritser
Royal Holloway, University of London Μ. Ritser
University of Dundee Ε. Ntaountakis
University of Essex Ε. Ntaountakis
King's College London, University of London Α. Charizona
Nottingham Trent University Ν. Tiliaveridis
University of Leicester Ν. Tiliaveridis
University of Reading Μ. Ritser
University of Sussex Ε. Ntaountakis
University of Strathclyde Ν. Tiliaveridis
Queen Mary University of London Α. Charizona
Liverpool Hope University Ν. Τiliaveridis
Kingston University Μ. Ritser


University Student’s name Scholarship*
Michigan State University  Ι.Symeonidou $21,000
University of Kansas in Lawrence D. Papadopoulou 100%
Drexel University Α. Papazikos $ 20,400
Drexel University Μ. Τriantafyllidis $33,600
Penn State University  Ι. Symeonidou
Old Dominion University Ν. Angelopoulou
Arizona State University Ν. Angelopoulou
* yearly, for 4 years


University Student’s name
Bocconi University  Α. Charizona


University Student’s name
Eindhoven University of Technology Ν. Τiliaveridis
Vrije University Amsterdam G. Papadakis, Μ. Papadopoulou, Ν. Τiliaveridis
Maastricht University D. Gkeleris, Ι. Laspidou, Ν. Vantoulis
The Hague University of Applied Sciences Ι. Laspidou
Tilburg University G. Papadakis, D. Gkeleris, Ι. Laspidou, Μ. Papadopoulou
University of Groningen Ι. Laspidou, Μ. Papadopoulou, Ν. Vantoulis, Ν. Tiliaveridis
Radboud University Ν. Tiliaveridis
University of Twente D. Gkeleris
NHL Stenden University G. Papadakis