Art & Science Webinars on Mathematics, 16/10/2021

Art & Science Days Webinars

Art & Science Webinars on Mathematics, 16/10/2021

The webinars on Mathematics incorporated in the Art & Science Days program of Mandoulides Schools for students of the 5th - 12th grade took place successfully on Saturday, 16 October 2021, at 17:00-18:45. The participants were 215 students, out of whom 103 were students of Mandoulides Schools and 112 were students of various other schools.

Aiming to stimulate students’ interest in Mathematics and familiarize them with mathematical notions that go beyond textbooks, Mandoulides Schools organize actions that cultivate students’ mathematical thinking and reasoning and prepare them for Panhellenic and international mathematical competitions, where they earn great distinctions.

For the school year 2021-2022, the programs on Mathematics will take place online, due to the epidemiological conditions.

More specifically, the following webinars were conducted:

Mathematical Thinking and Reasoning

8th to 12th grade students attended the Mathematical Thinking and Reasoning program. The program has been organized by Mandoulides Schools for the past 15 years and the participants are distinguished educators, representatives of the Hellenic Mathematical Society and Mathematical Olympiad winners. The program was an idea proposed by the founder of the Schools, Evangelos Mantoulidis, and aims to prepare students free of charge for the demanding exams organized by the Hellenic Mathematical Society as well as Mathematical Olympiads and Balkan Mathematical Olympiads.

Introduction to Mathematical Thinking and Reasoning

7th grade students attended the program Introduction to Mathematical Thinking and Reasoning. The program intends to attract the attention of students inclined towards Mathematics via carefully designed exercises, while guiding them towards the deep understanding of mathematical concepts. The ultimate goal of the program is to familiarize students with mathematical notions that surpass the boundaries of textbooks. It is really interesting as well as necessary for students who want to participate in competitions organized by the Hellenic Mathematical Society.

Mathematical Games

5th and 6th grade students attended the program Mathematical Games. The aim of the program is to guide and encourage students to familiarize themselves with the fundamental notions of Mathematics, while combining learning with fun. Students are involved in solving mathematical riddles and puzzles as well as performing innovative and engaging activities in the form of play that increase their love for Mathematics.

On Saturday, 15 January 2022, the Webinar: Mathematical Thinking and Reasoning will take place for students of the 8th to 12th grade.