Concert of Love by “Merimna”

Συναυλία Αγάπης της «Μέριμνας»

Concert of Love by “Merimna”

In the framework of the general efforts of Mandoulides Schools to provide support towards the organization “Merimna,” our Senior High School students visited the students of Elementary School.

They informed our young students about the Concert of Love organized by “Merimna” and discussed with them about the necessity of Palliative Care that the organization offers. They, also, shared opinions about the vital role charitable foundations play in benefiting the whole community.  

In addition, they highlighted that the promotion of the concert is a part of the general efforts of the Schools to support and reinforce the work of organizations and foundations that benefit society and support our fellow human beings.

Finally, they made posters and hung them on classroom bulletin boards in order to promote this valuable effort.

You can get a ticket for the concert on by following the link and paying the symbolic amount of 10€.

You can find further information on the following website:

We specially thank Mr. Eoin Schmidt-Martin for letting us use his photograph.