Making sketches… like the old cinema!

Παγκόσμια Ημέρα Κινούμενων Σχεδίων - Φιλοτεχνώντας σκίτσα… σαν παλιό σινεμά!

Making sketches… like the old cinema!

On the occasion of the International Animation Day, our 2nd grade students had the opportunity to travel through time and space.

After they became acquainted with the first comic book heroes and animated films as well as their famous creators, our students observed their change throughout the years and the impact modern digital technology has had on their evolution. In the end, they were asked to create their own sketches as young sketch artists, while following the guidelines that they were given.

Thus, our young students were introduced to the secrets of the fascinating world of sketch making, while creating their own sketches.

Their remarkable effort is evident in the video.