Participation of Kindergarten Students in Europe Code Week

Participation of Kindergarten Students in Europe Code Week

There are no limits to inspiration! Our Kindergarten students continue their journey to knowledge with activities that promote computational thinking. By participating in Europe Code Week (EU CodeWeek), they combined programming and robotics with mathematics, language, arts and technology. Through this initiative proposed by the European Commission, they embraced creativity, enhanced their ability to solve problems and familiarized themselves with the use of simple robot programming orders, in relation to directions, orientation, pause and termination.

During the activities that followed, students transformed themselves into little robots and on a grid that they created on their classroom floor, they covered a specific distance with their bodies, while keeping a record of their steps. Later on, they managed to program a bee robot named “Beebot” to reach the correct number and return to its base.

Then, in the framework of the thematic unit “Diet,” our young students used the little bee robot once again. On a specially designed squared surface and with the help of a die representing healthy diet, the little robot followed the correct route and avoided the traps of unhealthy food, while filling its basket with healthy foodstuffs.

Finally, they decided to transform the little robot into a painter! They used a marker and they programmed the robot to draw circles by making four moves. Assuming the role of artists and using these circles, they created their own portraits and combined them, in order to produce a work of art entitled “Friendship Grapes.”

Thus, through these experiential activities, our young students created their own code, while taking the first steps as digital creators.