Robotics in Mandoulides Schools

Robotics in Mandoulides Schools


Acknowledging the need to equip students with the skills of the future, Mandoulides Schools have incorporated Educational Robotics in the curriculum of Informatics for all Elementary and Junior High School grades. Furthermore, the Schools have added one extra hour to the lessons dedicated to Informatics for the 5th and 6th grades, while implementing the innovative program of Educational Robotics.

The program aims to provide students with the necessary tools in order for them to achieve success and happiness in their professional and social life.

Within the framework of the program, students will have the opportunity to:

• Acquire life skills and digital skills that will be proven useful for their personal life and future career.

• Develop critical and combinatorial thinking, which will help them handle and solve everyday problems.

• Develop and demonstrate leadership skills that are really useful for their future.

• Discover their interests and cultivate the necessary values that will guide them academically and professionally.

FLL Preparation Courses

Mandoulides Schools organize preparation courses for the FIRST LEGO League (FLL) competition of Robotics and Innovation, which lead to impressive results. The highlight of this effort was the distinction of our school team in the International Robotics Competition of 2019 in Lebanon, in which our team earned 2nd place in the Robot Game, 2nd place in the Knockout Cup as well as 2nd place in the Robot Design category. Our school teams have been earning distinctions in Panhellenic competitions ever since.

For the school year 2021-2022, three teams consisting of 6th-9th grade students are getting prepared to participate in the competition, while accepting the “Cargo Connect" challenge. The competition requires the design and programming of a robot as well as the creation of an Innovation Project, which students will present in front of a jury.

Throughout their preparation, emphasis is placed on values and team work, as these are necessary tools for their future.

In anticipation of the Panhellenic Competition, our teams make hard efforts, while learning, having fun, developing skills and establishing friendships.

Extracurricular Program of Robotics

Robots on a space mission to the Red Planet, electronic navigation aid for the blind, smart cities, robot named “Theseus” along with the Minotaur in a labyrinth and 3D design as well as 3D printing are only a few of the projects that Robotixlab offers to students of all grades of Mandoulides Schools.

Since 2008, via the “Out of the box learning" method of Robotixlab, the program offers the opportunity to the students of Mandoulides Schools to become young inventors, innovate, think creatively, collaborate and acquire knowledge through constructing, programming, experimenting, evaluating and improving their ideas. Learning becomes a unique experience, as students familiarize themselves with science and technology in the form of play.

The program is designed by Robotics Engineer A. Kanoura and is realised by experienced teachers of Robotixlab.