2 solar power stations at Mandoulides Schools, “The Green School”

2 solar power stations at Mandoulides Schools, “The Green School”

Within the framework of their strategy that aims for sustainable development and the protection of the environment, Mandoulides Schools have recently made a significant investment.

Since the end of November, two statiοns of solar panels that can generate power of 167,5 kWp have been operating on the Elementary School and Junior-Senior High School premises.

Panels produced by the companies Q CELLS and Trina and inverters produced by KACO (Siemens) were used. Special reference should be made to the K2 S-Dome base support system, as it is the first time that this innovative system is implemented in Greece. Its innovative nature lies in its design and stability.

The two stations are expected to guarantee the saving of more than 230,000 kWh per year, enabling Mandoulides Schools to acquire energy autonomy to a large extent and at the same time contribute to sustainability and green development. The project was completed by energyTech, a company with a long experience and technical expertise in the construction and maintenance of solar power stations, since only in the year 2021 it constructed stations that generate more than 50MW.

This is the most significant action of the Schools to support green development. It follows other actions such as the replacement of old light bulbs of high energy consumption with modern light bulbs in the two basketball courts, the use of water supplies in moderation as well as the recycling of plastic, paper and glass.