Singing in Istanbul… with Glykeria

Singing in Istanbul… with Glykeria

On Wednesday, May 25th, 2022, students and teachers of the 6th grade of Mandoulides Schools set out on a trip to Istanbul. The educational trip entitled "Singing in Istanbul… with Glykeria" was about to be realized!

We arrived at the hotel at 08:00 in the evening. Our first encounter with the city occurred during dinner at a nearby restaurant.

The next morning we visited Hagia Sophia and then took a tour cruise on the Bosphorus. We had lunch on the boat and concluded our cruise with a wonderful party that will always stay in our memories! The communities of Megalo Revma and Pera showed us their hospitality.

The next day we visited the church of Panagia of Pera, the museum of illusions, the Sports Association of Pera and finally the Zografeio Lykeio, where our students had a rehearsal along with the students of the Zografeio to prepare for their concert with Glykeria. Later on, we visited the impressive Atatürk Kültür Merkezi for our rehearsal with Glykeria. The venue, the atmosphere and the contact with Glykeria excited our students.

On Saturday morning, we visited the Rahmi M. Koç museum and at noon we had lunch under the Galata Bridge. The time for the big performance had almost come. Our students were ready to accomplish their goal which was…to sing with Glykeria in Istanbul! Their voices united with Glykeria’s voice and the performance was really moving. The venue was filled with 2,200 people among whom were Greeks living in Istanbul, students’ parents and simple spectators. We all united and shared unique moments of great value.

On Sunday, after visiting Fanari and the church of St. Mary of Blachernae, we departed promising ourselves that “we will return to Istanbul, the city of the cities.”

Hellenism was once again present in Istanbul…

Until next time!