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English & Adventure Camp 2022

English & Adventure Camp 2022

“It’s a small world! Let’s unite and become one.”

This was the theme of the English & Adventure Camp 2022. Our young campers embarked on an exciting journey around the world and had the opportunity to learn that each country has something different to share. Each day our students danced, made crafts, solved mysteries, played musical instruments and participated in culinary activities from around the world. 

Our young participants discussed about the customs and traditions of various cultures and were asked to share what they learnt with their friends and family. Apart from delving into different cultures, they also engaged in various physical activities such as swimming, hiking, playing outdoor games and indulged in new adventures.

Adventures such as horseback riding, sharpshooting and archery are just a few examples. We should not forget to mention the water sport activities we enjoyed on our trip to the beach!

We had the chance to go kayaking, sailing and windsurfing in the sea and take part in various beach games.

The fun didn’t stop at the beach! Our students joined in ARRKI and Robotix activities that fostered their inquiring minds.

We saved the best for last as we took our campers on an overnight trip to Lake Kerkini where they tried flying fox, boating and treasure hunting. Apart from participating in these exciting activities, they also became familiar with the wild life in that area.

On the final day, our camp participants gave a performance with the songs and dances they had learnt during camp. We must admit that the best part of that day was the water fight!

This year’s camp was a memorable experience for all our students as at the end of it, they took home many important skills and lessons. It not only taught them about various cultures and their lifestyles, but it also helped them understand that despite our differences we are stronger when we are united.

We would like to thank Averof, Gousios and Mevgal, for its very generous sponsorship.

We renew our appointment for the 20th English & Adventure Camp from 19th to 30th June 2023.

We wish everyone a wonderful and relaxing summer!

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