Traditional Dance Festival 2023 

Mandoulides Schools, being in touch with Greek tradition, held the Traditional Dance Festival on 15th February, at the Cultural and Sports Center of the Schools.

In an atmosphere of joy and emotion, our 3rd, 4th, and 5th Grade students presented dances from Macedonia, Epirus, and Thrace to their parents, relatives, and friends and received a great round of applause. More specifically, 3rd Grade students presented the dances “Syrto sta tria”, “Neratzia”, “Pogonisio” and “Fysouni” from Epirus. 4th Grade students presented dances from Epirus and Macedonia, like “Kofto”, “Tsourapia”, “Palamakia” and “Syrto of Macedonia”. Lastly, 5th Grade students danced in the rhythm of Eastern Romylia and Thrace the “Kastrinos”,” Sfarlis”, “Zonaradikos” and “Podaraki” dances.

Then, the students from the Traditional Dance Clubs took over and roused the crowd dancing Pontian dances. The festival was closed by the Alumni, Parents, and Friends of the Schools Dancing Team and the Traditional Dance Club of senior high school with Asia Minor dances. The senior high school club danced “Syrtobalo” and “Se kainourgia varka bika”, “Grigoro Xasapiko” and “Karsilama”. The Alumni, Parents, and Friends Dancing Team presented the “Georgitsa”, “Kaneloriza”, “Politiko Chasapiko” and “Koniali” dances.

All teams, with their great energy, as worthy successors of the generations that have been to the Schools, showed their great relationship with the traditional dances and their involvement with the activities of the Schools.

The night was full of rhythm and liveliness in an emotional atmosphere, and we will be back for our annual meetup next year.