The English Garden Easter Egg Hunt

The English Garden Easter Egg Hunt

Although Easter is quite early this year, we knew the Easter Bunny would not disappoint us.  After all, he has always made time for us. How could he not? We have been such good children!

We knew we would not see him, but we were sure he would come.  We eagerly waited for him and made our fantastic Easter baskets. Where would we place our delicious chocolate Easter eggs?

Of course, he did not let us down. Our anticipation was relieved before Easter break when we were informed that we had a surprise visit!

The yummy treats were skillfully hidden in the Mandoulides Recreational area and the English Garden playground. The Seeds, Blossoms, and Beatles scattered, tried, and successfully found the treats he had brought just for them. What a sight for sore eyes! Our lovely students had an unforgettable time!

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