Panelladikes 2021, Moria

High Scores in 2021 Panhellenic Exams

High Scores in 2021 Panhellenic Exams Mandoulides Schools’ students received high scores once again in the 2021 Panhellenic Exams and will be admitted to schools of high demand....

Graduation ceremony for the graduates of 2020

Emotional return to the school for their graduation, one year later… A different graduation ceremony for the graduates of 2020, it was held a year later due to...
Μπορεί ο κορονοϊός να μας κρατήσει μακριά από τα μουσεία; «Όχι!», φωνάζουν οι μαθητές των Προνηπίων και των Νηπίων - "A day at the Museum"

"A day at the Museum"

Can the coronavirus keep us away from museums? "No!", is what the students of the Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten shout out.
ΑΓΩΝΕΣ ΤΕΧΝΗΣ 2021: Τέχνη, παιδεία και πολιτισμός

Art Games 2021: Art, education and culture

Mandoulides Schools for the seventh year in a row organized the pan-Hellenic student Art Games, with the participation of students from 11 private and public schools
Καλή Σαρακοστή

Happy Lent!

Happy Lent! Day Care, Kindergarten and English Garden Students presented their creations that they so eagerly prepared during their online lessons and wish everyone ‘Happy Lent’. The colorful...

Carnival… otherwise!

Carnival… otherwise! The students of the Day Care Centre, the Kindergarten and all the classes of the Primary School experienced a different carnival celebration on the last day...