Studies Abroad

The Studies Abroad program facilitates Mandoulides students in preparing for higher education abroad at the same time they prepare for admission to Greek universities.

Without implementing an International Baccalaureate (IB) program, Mandoulides Schools ensure that its students secure a large number of positions and scholarships in top universities abroad.

Under the guidance of the program counselors, the appropriate academic institutions in the U.S. and Europe are selected, depending on the academic and financial potential of the candidates, and the student's portfolio is then prepared.

The program includes:

  • Counseling center
  • Exam preparation courses (SAT, ACT, TOEFL, IELTS) for admission to universities in the U.S. , Canada and Europe, for 10th, 11th and 12th grade students.

Within the framework of the program, representatives from leading universities visit the Schools on a regular basis, to inform students about the curriculum and academic life in these institutions.

Studies Abroad
2020 - 2021

Studies Abroad

Corporate Programs are based on the principles of experiential learning and form part of the vocational guidance of the Schools.

Corporate Programs
2017 - 2020

Every year, students of the Schools are admitted to and attend prestigious summer educational programs in the U.S. and Europe, where they have the opportunity to expand their social and cultural horizons by coming into contact with students from around the world.

This year students of the Schools have been admitted with a scholarship in the following summer programs:

Summer educational university programs
2020 - 2021


E. Chrisafi 2018 - 2019
St. Mastoris 2017 - 2018
A. Foka 2016 - 2017
R. Tsiamis 2016 - 2017
N. Kipouros 2015 - 2016
V. Keramidas 2013 - 2014
P. Zavitsanos 2012 - 2013
A. Delipallas - O’ Donell 2015 - 2016
G. Batzolis 2012 - 2013
G. Bruziotis 2018 - 2019
C. Patsia 2016 - 2017
A. Kourti 2015 - 2016
C. Vafeiadis 2013 - 2014
G. Fanaropoulou 2012 - 2013
N. Fanaropoulou 2012 - 2013
S. Saropoulos 2012 - 2013
M. Tirta 2012 - 2013
A. Zevgaridou 2014 - 2015
Α. Gravani 2017 - 2018
S. - I. Sarra 2016 - 2017
A. Toli 2018 - 2019
Α. Spiliopoulos 2017 - 2018
V. Papageorgiu 2018 - 2019
E. Dolopikou 2018 - 2019
Ι. Dimoulios 2017 - 2018
Ch. Efstathiou 2017 - 2018
Th. Mallidou 2017 - 2018
A. Archipova 2016 - 2017
O. Dadoudi 2016 - 2017
D. Efstathiou 2016 - 2017
S. Mastoris 2016 - 2017
G. Mprouziotis 2016 - 2017
A. Simeonidou 2016 - 2017
E. Chrysafi 2016 - 2017
A. Kourti 2015 - 2016
Μ. - Α. Christidi 2019 - 2020
Ι. Theodoridou 2019 - 2020
A. Papazikos 2018 - 2019
A. Charizona 2018 - 2019
A. - M. Chatzopoulou 2016 - 2017
Ai. Papazoglou 2016 - 2017
Z. Kamopoulou 2016 - 2017
A. Kourti 2016 - 2017
A. Kourti 2015 - 2016
Μ. - Α. Christidi 2020 - 2021
D. Sidiropoulou 2021 - 2022
I. - E. Mousouri 2021 - 2022
P. Adamidis 2015 - 2016
V. Kostakis 2015 - 2016
G. Michelekakis 2015 - 2016
D. Christidis 2015 - 2016
C. Vafeiadis 2014 - 2015
A. Dimitriou 2014 - 2015
T. Zikouli 2014 - 2015
A. Bardou 2014 - 2015
S. Koulaksis 2013 - 2014
I. Saropoulos 2013 - 2014
V. Lykogiannis 2012 - 2013
A. Kyriazis 2011 - 2012
M. - M. Dodoulou 2021 - 2022
K. - T. Kalfa 2016 - 2017
Α. Iosifidou 2016 - 2017
Μ. Mertzimeki 2016 - 2017
Ν. Simeonidou 2016 - 2017
F. Delliou 2013 - 2014
Ν. Angelopoulou 2019 - 2020
L. Pentousi 2017 - 2018


Corporate Programs are career orientation programs based on the principles of experiential learning where participants learn through observation and interaction with executives of an organization or a company.

The programs last four weeks and are divided into two phases. In the first phase, students are introduced to the basic principles of operation of a company while in the second phase they acquire experiential experience on its premises on a daily basis, participating in meetings and dialogues with executives and thus familiarizing themselves with the subject.




The Schools, as part of the School Vocational Guidance, collaborate with the innovative online Career Orientation Center “100 Mentors.” The program is aimed at students of 9th Grade to the 12th Grade who are close to selecting the profession they will follow, and will help them:

  • Understand the value of the proper choice of studies and training to claim the profession they want
  • Be exposed to a wealth of professional choices and prospects
  • Become aware of the need for ongoing training so that they can keep track of the constantly evolving expertise
  • Develop into people who will be satisfied with their job in the future.
Success Stories 2018

Experiential Vocational Guidance Meeting 2018

Students of 9th to the 11th Grades had a unique opportunity to be informed on the prospects of the new landscape in work, the connection of the labor market with knowledge and the requirements of their educational and professional future at the Experiential Vocational Guidance Meeting entitled “Success Stories”.

Personal approaches to scientific and business recognition and views on the modern university, enterprises and their relations were shared by Fani Athanasiadou, Professor Emeritus of the Faculty of Medicine of A.U.Th, Director of the Department of Pediatrics at Interbalkan Medical Center, Vangelis Gerovasiliou, Winemaker, Founder of the Gerovasiliou Estate and Panagiotis Kouvrakis, Founding Member of BETA CAE Systems. The common conviction of all the speakers was that love must be the main criterion for choosing your future profession. The students should pursue their professional future in keeping with the dreams and needs of their soul.

During the event, the students asked questions and expressed their own views on the critical issue of vocational guidance.

Mrs. Ekaterini Mantoulidou, President of the Schools, referred to the vision and professionalism of the Schools’ founder, Evangelos Mantoulidis, while General Director, Mrs. Aspa Hasioti expanded on the Experiential Vocational Guidance Programs implemented at Mandoulides Schools.

The discussion was coordinated by Mr. Kostas Bliatkas, Journalist, Writer.

from the event

Students are informed by specialists (university professors, prominent professionals) about modern and traditional professions, discuss undergraduate and postgraduate programs, visit workplaces in collaboration with the STEAMulator educational program, which is organized by Creative Vision Lab; thus they get professionally oriented and can choose their future jobs with knowledge and responsibility.

The Virtual Business education program of JA (Junior Achievement) Greece gives young people the initiative to find a business idea, do research and set up their own student business, thereby developing creativity, teamwork, critical thinking and entrepreneurial skills that will lead them to suitable study and career choices.

Virtual Business

Virtual Business

Virtual Business

Virtual Business

Educational Seminars

The Schools, aware of the role of teaching and methodology and the need to continuously adapt to the respective curriculum and structure of textbooks, established the didactic seminars titled School, which have been attended with great interest by teachers and parents of pupils not just of our Schools but of other schools of the Thessaloniki Prefecture and additional prefectures.

SMART EDUCATION 5: “5G - A New Era for Education”

Mandoulides Schools organized the 5th SMART EDUCATION seminar on “5G - A New Era for Education” on Saturday, 13 November 2021.

The seminar is part of the general activities of the Schools as Microsoft Showcase Schools and is addressed to educators of Greece as well as the Greek Diaspora. It is offered free of charge and concerns the new era for education as shaped by the rapidly evolving new technologies.

Innovation in education is considered imperative. It is as important as students’ access to education in general. 5G is a promising tool aiming to provide more opportunities to students and render education accessible to everyone.

The contribution of 5G to education can really make a difference. By using 5G technology, every classroom and every school will be able to transform into an interactive learning environment, allowing a more engaging lesson to occur.

The introduction of new technologies, such as teaching with the aid of artificial intelligence, as well as the use of virtual and augmented reality and the promotion of STEM and robotics require faster and more reliable Internet connection along with less response time.

Since it can offer significantly higher Internet speed than 4G, 5G technology will provide educators and students with the necessary tools to reinvent learning procedures.

Among the seminar speakers were:

  • Manos Varvarigos, Professor, School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, National Technical University of Athens
  • Stavros Dimitriadis, Professor, School of Informatics, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
  • Elena Zaglaridou, Education Future Skills Development Lead, Microsoft Central Eastern Europe
  • Maria Mpoura, Director, Marketing, Communications, Government & Industry Relations at Ericsson
  • Vasilis Oikonomou, Director of Informatics and Digital Education, Athens College | Hellenic - American Educational Foundation
  • Marina Oikonomou - Lalioti, Professor of Psychiatry, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens
  • Konstantinos Papadias, Executive Director of the Research, Technology & Innovation Network and Professor of Informatics, American College of Greece
  • Chariton Polatoglou, Professor, School of Physics, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

During the seminar, participants were informed by University Professors, representatives of Microsoft and other innovative organizations and companies, researchers and teachers about:

  • The necessity of changes in education
  • 5G as the facilitator of the digital transformation of education
  • Advantages vs disadvantages
  • Development of technical skills along with life skills through the incorporation of new technologies in education
  • Smart classrooms with new technologies, better interaction between students and teachers as well as better cooperation among peer students
  • Microsoft tools and their beneficial application in teaching

In addition, they had the opportunity to share their opinions and experiences with other teachers who have incorporated Microsoft technologies in their teaching (Office 365 tools: Teams, OneNote, OneDrive, Booking, SharePoint, Sway, Forms, FlipGrid, Minecraft EDU, etc) and discovered how they can develop both their own and their students’ skills.

Teachers of primary and secondary education who registered for participation were able to join the live streamed seminar via Livemedia as well as Facebook and the Youtube channel of Mandoulides Schools.

  • Certificates of attendance were issued to all participants.

The workshop was held with the kind sponsorship of Microsoft and the support of the Municipality of Thermi and the Municipality of Pylaia - Chortiatis.
Communication sponsors: Livemedia, Macedonia,, Thessaloniki Press,, Status fm 107.7,, GR, and Economic Review/Greek business file.

Smart Education 2020

Mandoulides Schools organized the 4th SMART EDUCATION seminar on: "Entrepreneurship education", on Saturday, November 14, 2020.

The seminar is part of the general activities of our Schools as Microsoft Showcase Schools and it is supported by the Regional Directorate of Education of Central Macedonia, the Municipality of Thermi and the Municipality of Pylaia - Hortiatis.

It was addressed to teachers of Primary and Secondary Education and it concerned the promotion of entrepreneurship in primary and secondary education.

In the seminar, the following speakers participated:

  • Vanessa Antoniadou, Teacher Engagement Manager, Microsoft Greece - Cyprus - Malta
  • Markos Veremis, Upstream Co-founder and Executive Chairman of the Board
  • Maria Gianniou, Empowerment & Leadership Coach | Corporate Trainer
  • Grigoris Zarifopoulos, Deputy Minister of Digital Governance
  • Kyriakos Loufakis, President of Alexandreia’s Innovation Zone
  • Dimitris Mandoulides, Vice President of Mandoulides Schools
  • Spiros Protopsaltis, Governon OAED
  • Tasos Tzikas, President of the Board at Thessaloniki International Fair - HELEXPO S.A
  • Giannis Chatzidimitriou, Rector of the University of Macedonia

During the seminar, participants were informed by university professors, representatives of Microsoft, other innovative companies and organizations, researchers and teachers about:

  • The need of entrepreneurship education
  • The innovative methods and practices for developing entrepreneurship in schools
  • The integration of technology and life skills
  • The role of new technologies in entrepreneurship education
  • Microsoft tools
  • Distance learning

In addition, they also had the opportunity to share their opinions and experiences with other teachers who have incorporated Microsoft technologies into their teaching (Office 365 tools: Teams, OneNote, OneDrive, Booking, Sharepoint, Sway, Forms, etc.) and see how they can develop both their own skills and those of their students.

Teachers of primary and secondary education joined the seminar through Livemedia as well as through Facebook and the Youtube channel of our School.

Certificates of attendance were given to the participants who joined both parts of the seminar.

The seminar was held with the kind sponsorship of Microsoft and Eurobank.
Media Sponsors: Livemedia, Macedonia,, Thessaloniki News, and Status fm 107.7.

Smart Education 2019

Gamification & Education

Mandoulides Schools held the seminar “Smart Education” on Saturday, 9 November, 2019 on the Junior–Senior High School premises (12th klm. National Road Thessaloniki - Ν. Μoudania).

The seminar is part of the actions of Mandoulides as a Microsoft Showcase School. It is supported by the Regional Directorate of Education of Central Macedonia, the Department of Educational and Social Policy of the University of Macedonia and the Informatics and Robotics Lab, the Municipality of Thermi, the Municipality of Pylaia – Hortiatis, RobotixLab, Eduact and Technokids/Technoplus.

During the seminar participants were informed by specialists, university professors, representatives of Microsoft and other innovative companies, researchers and teachers about:

  • The integration of gamification into education
  • Serious Games
  • The dangers of video games
  • Microsoft tools
  • The value of programming in our lives

In addition, participants had the opportunity to exchange views and experiences with teachers who have integrated Microsoft technologies into their teaching (Office 365, Teams, OneDrive, Minecraft, Skype, Learning Tools, etc.) and they also attended workshops where they were able to see how they can develop both their own skills and their students’.

The seminar was courtesy of Microsoft, Eurobank, Koumentakis & Associates - Law Firm, Samaras & Associates S.A. - Consulting Engineers, and Dotsoft.
Media Sponsors: Livemedia, Makedonia,, Typos Thessalonikis, and Status FM 107.7.

Smart_Education at Mandoulides Schools

Mandoulides Schools held the 2nd Smart Education seminar as part of their actions as a Microsoft Showcase School on Saturday 10 November, 2018. It was addressed to teachers of Primary and Secondary Education and dealt with the integration of technology and innovation in education.

During the seminar participants were informed by specialists, university professors, Microsoft and other innovative companies’ representatives, researchers and teachers about:

  • The integration of technologies into education
  • The value of programming
  • Robotics at school
  • Internet security
  • Microsoft tools.
  • The General Data Protection Regulation

The meeting took place with the support of the School of Informatics of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, the Municipalities of Thermi and Pylaia - Hortiatis, and Alexander Innovation Zone S.A.


Teachers and executives of educational organizations had the opportunity to attend a very interesting workshop on the weekend of 11 and 12 February. At the workshop, which was organized by Mandoulides Schools in collaboration with Microsoft Hellas, participants had the opportunity to become acquainted with Microsoft’s innovative educational tools (OneNote, Office Mix, Sway), be informed by the representatives of the company about the Microsoft Innovative Educators Experts program and come into first contact with integrated IT educational management systems.

Mandoulides Schools - one out of three Microsoft Showcase Schools in Greece - plan to multiply this kind of actions in order to contribute to the dissemination of educational innovation and to the formation of an intelligent, interactive and creative school.

Education and Language - In memory of Evangelos Mantoulidis
May 15th - 16th, 2009


Savvas Anastasiadis, Apostolos Apostolidis, Vyziotis Karyofyllis, Marietta Giannakou, Christos Giannaras, Theodoros Ziakas, Ioannis Kazazis, Sarantos Kargakos, Georgios Karatasios, Nikos Karatzas, Georgios Lysaridis, Georgios Papanastasiou, Theodoulos Tapanidis, Christos Tsolakis, Eva Tsoukalidou, Ioannis Chassiotis.

Language and History
November 8th - 9th 2003


Ioannis Gryntakis, Georgios Kokkinos, Ilias Kourtesidis, Loulos Dimitrios, Giannis Parisis, Nikitas Parisis, Theodoros Papagelis, Ioannis Chassiotis, Ektoras Chortis, Evangelia Psychogiou.

From Homer to Elytis
November 2nd - 3rd, 2002


Agathi Georgiadou, Ilias Kourtesidis, Zoi Bella, Theodoros Papaggelis, Giannis Parisis, Nikitas Parisis, Antonis Regkakos, Giannis Tzanis.

Seminars on Modern Greek Language and Literature - Tribute to the great artists of modern Greek literature Alexandros Papadiamantis, Angelos Sikelianos, and Andreas Empirikos
October 13th - 14th, 2001


Avra Avdi, Lampros Varelas, Anthoula Daniil, Eratosthenis Kapsomenos, Giannis Kazazis, Amalia Karamitrou, Giannis Parisis, Nikitas Parisis, Dionysis Tanis, Christos Tsolakis.

The Methodology and Teaching of Humanities and Science Courses
October 14th - 15th and 21st - 22nd, 2000


Christos Giannaras, Sarantos Kargakos, Ilias Kourtesidis, Nikos Mpabilis, Thanasis Xenos, Nikitas Parisis, Antonis Sarigiannis, Kostas Tsipis, Christos Tsolakis, Ioannis Tsoukalas.


Mandoulides Schools are holding a “First Aid Seminar for Children” addressed to teachers and administrative staff, which will take place from 2/12 to 6/12 in the Digital Classroom of the Elementary School. The seminar concerns PE teachers of all levels, principals of all levels, kindergarten and day care center teachers, 1st Grade teachers and nurses.

It will cover two sections: Emergency First Aid for Children and Infants and Pediatric First Aid. Participants will receive a First Aid Trainer at Work certification.

The seminar is organized by Rescue Training International, which is an approved provider of first-aid training in the workplace and a member of the Federation of First Aid Training Organizations in the United Kingdom.

Parent Seminars

Mandoulides Schools, in order to empower parents in their difficult and demanding role not only of raising their children but also of preparing tomorrow’s citizens, invite parents and guardians to attend the Parent Seminars.

As part of the program, special experts and associates of the Schools discuss with parents issues relating to the development of children and adolescents, including the effective management of inappropriate behavior; relationships and communication within the family; sensitive issues such as self-esteem and contending with difficult behaviors; as well as anxiety, socialization, and empowerment of children and adolescents by teaching them values that will contribute to their smooth integration into society and the digital era.

Schools for Parents aim:

  • To support parents and to strengthen the institution of the family, which is a unique place of stability and safety
  • To protect and promote children’s mental health and positive development by informing parents about important issues
  • To create an environment for the exchange of experiences and knowledge about parenting
  • To inform parents about the views of science
  • To improve parent - child communication
  • To improve children’s interaction with family and school
  • To better prepare adolescents and younger children for society and the digital age
  • To educate children, who are tomorrow’s citizens.

Parent Seminars take place on Wednesdays at 18:00 - 20:00, on the Junior - Senior High School premises (Building B).

During school year 2019 - 2020, due to the unusual circumstances all over the world, Schools for Parents took place online and they will be done in the same way during 2020 - 2021.

WEBINAR: The society after the pandemic

  • 18:00 - 18:40
    “Life lessons from the pandemic: The crisis as an opportunity”
    Μaria Chatzipantazi, Counseling Psychologist - Psychotherapist, Αristotle University of Thessaloniki, Department of Psychology, MSc in Counseling Psychology, City University London, Certified in Psychotherapy for Children and Adolescents (Regents College, London).
  • 18:45 - 19:25
    “Raising children in an inconsistent world! Parenting strategies for connection and security”
    Εva Giannouli, Psychologist, MRes in Social Research, NLP Coach, Certified in Parent Training (AHHP), Member of the British Psychological Society (MBPsS).
  • 19:30 - 20:10
    “The mental health of children and adolescents should be everyone’s priority! Ways to protect it and promote it”
    Olga Zikopoulou, Psychologist, Certified in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, PhD at the University of Macedonia

Webinar - Schools for Parents: Learning how to coexist with COVID-19

  • 18:00 - 18:40
    The psychosocial impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on children, adolescents and adults
    Maria Chatzipantazi Counseling Psychologist - Psychotherapist, School of Psychology of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, MSc in Counseling Psychology, City University London, Certified in Psychotherapy for Children and Adolescents (Regents College, London)
  • 18:45 - 19:25
    Let’s talk about ourselves! Teaching values and emotions to children. A program of cooperation between family and school
    Eva Giannouli Psychologist, NLP Coach, BSc in Psychology, MRes in Social Research, Member of the British Psychological Society (MBPsS), Certified in Parent Training (AHHP)
  • 19:30 - 20:10
    Psychological resilience of young and older people - We are discovering our strength
    Olga Zikopoulou Psychologist, Certified in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, PhD at the University of Macedonia

WEBINAR: Distance learning, a new reality for students, parents and teachers

  • 18:00 - 18:40
    Distance Learning, The new reality of education
    Alexandros Koptsis, Regional Director of Education in Central Macedonia
  • 18:45 - 19:25
    Synchronous and Asynchronous Distance Learning. Further broadening the scope of education.
    Vasilis Oikonomou, Director of Informatics and Digital Education at Hellenic American Educational Foundation Athens College, MIE Expert, MIE Fellow, MIE Trainer
  • 19:30 - 20:10
    Distance Learning: Responding to parental concerns.
    Eva Giannouli, Mental Health Specialist, NLP Coach, BSc Psychology, MRes Social Studies, Member of British Psychologists (MBPsS)

WEBINAR: Parents and children during the pandemic

(For parents of Kindergarten - Elementary students)

  • Asking and learning about the coronavirus
    Olga Zikopoulou
    Psychologyist, Certified in Cognitive - Behavioral Psychotherapy, PhD University of Macedonia.
  • Children and crisis … useful tips
    Eva Giannouli
    Mental Health Professional, NLP Coach, BSc Psychology, MRes Social Research, Member of the British Psychological Society (MBPsS)

WEBINAR : Discussing Panhellenic Exams with students and parents (For parents of 12th Grade students)

  • Psychological support for our children just before the beginning of Panhellenic Exams
    Maria Chatzipantazi
    School of Psychology AUTH, MSc Counseling Psychology, City University London, Cert. in Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy (Regent’s College, London)

WEBINAR: Parents and children during the pandemic
(For parents of 10th and 11th Grade students)

  • Children’s messages to their parents during quarantine
    Eva Giannouli
    Mental Health Professional, NLP Coach, BSc Psychology, MRes Social Research, Member of the British Psychological Society (MBPsS)
  • How do I talk to my child about Covid-19
    Myrto Marinou
    Psychiatrist, Psychotherapist, School of Medicine AUTH, Specialized in Psychotherapy at Harvard University

WEBINAR: Discussing Panhellenic Exams with students (For 12th Grade students)

  • Little useful tips just before the beginning of Panhellenic Exams
    Maria Chatzipantazi
    School of Psychology AUTH, MSc Counseling Psychology, City University London, Cert. in Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy (Regent’s College, London)
  • Learning how to recognize signs of anxiety and how to control it before it controls my life
    Myrto Marinou
    Psychiatrist, Psychotherapist, School of Medicine AUTH, Specialized in Psychotherapy at Harvard University

Emotion Management

  • Raising emotionally independent children

Eva Giannouli, Psychologist, Graduate of Applied Psychology London UK, MSc in Social Research (Program Design) London UK, Certified N.L.P Coach, Certified Mindful Parenting (C.M.A.), NLP Consultant in addiction

  • Behavioral and learning problems at home and at school

George Th. Pavlidis, ex Professor of Learning Disabilities of the University of Macedonia, Fellow of the International Academy of Learning Disabilities Research, President of international dyslexia conferences

  • Love with Rules and Limits
    Damianos Douitsis, Rehabilitation Counselor and President of OASIS (Support Center for Addicted People)
    Despina Ekizidou, Mental Health Counselor
  • Discipline or Punishment?
    Olga Zikopoulou, Psychologist, PhD, MSc
  • Anger Management
    Myrto Marinou, Psychiatrist, Psychotherapist
  • Bullying as a Rejection of Diversity: Extensions in the School and the Community
    Elena Patila, Psychologist, Family Counseling & Treatment
  • Depression in Adolescence. Causes and Treatment
    Alexandros Gerontidis, Clinical Psychologist
  • “No” is a Meaningful Sentence
    Damianos Douitsis, Rehabilitation Counselor and President of OASIS (Support Center for Addicted People)
    Despina Ekizidou, Mental Health Counselor
  • Emotion-Regulation Skills in Preschool and Early School Age
    Olga Zikopoulou, Psychologist, PhD, MSc
  • Eating Disorders
    Myrto Marinou, Psychiatrist, Psychotherapist
  • Communication and Modern Challenges in Human Relationships
    Elena Patila, Psychologist, Family Counseling & Treatment

We talk about our children

  • Ways to tackle behavioral problems at home and at school
    Alexandros Koptsis, School Advisor of Primary Education
  • The digital age and its challenges
    Dr. Vaios Dafoulis, Director of Child Psychiatry Department of Ippokrateio Hospital

We talk about our children

  • The role of the family in preventing and tackling the problem of dependence
    D. Douitsis, Dependence Advisor and President of OASIS (Center for Support of Dependent Persons)
  • Morning and in-between meals are important for the health of students and parents
    A. Chourdakis, MD RD MPH PhD, Assistant Professor of Medical Nutrition, Department of Medicine, AUTh
  • How a child grows: the secrets of growth curves that a parent needs to know
    M. Christoforidis, Assistant Professor of Pediatrics - Pediatric Endocrinology, 1st Pediatric Clinic, AUTh

Medical Monitoring and Support

The Schools collaborate with specialized medical and scientific staff to better deal with any problems students might be facing and provide parents with better information and advice, at no extra cost:

• Pediatricians
• Psychiatrist - Psychotherapist
• Psychologist
• Speech Therapist
• Dentist
• Orthodontist
• Urologist
• Ophthalmologist
• Andrologist
• Gynecologist
• Endocrinologist
• Otorhinolaryngologist

Experts examine students on the school premises and send parents the results of the examination in a written form.

In their endeavor to support the challenging and demanding yet exciting role pf parents, the Schools hold parenting seminars and meetings every year.

As part of these events, expert scientists speak on several topics, answer questions and engage in constructive discussions about child and adolescent development, effective management of misconduct, relationships and communication within the family, as well as other issues such as self-esteem, socialization and learning difficulties.

Taking into consideration that each student's needs and concerns are unique, the Schools support the collaboration of a psychologist with students and their parents.

Eating Healthily at Mandoulides Schools

The fast-paced life of students and their families nowadays renders the establishment of a healthy diet hard to achieve.

Mandoulides Schools educates their students and raise parents’ awareness in relation to healthy diet, while implementing the program “Eating Healthily at Mandoulides Schools.”

  • Free and healthy breakfast is provided to students of the Day Care Center and Kindergarten.
  • The quality and origin of the products offered by the canteens are checked.
  • Labels are placed on the products sold by the canteens as well as on the individual meal packages mentioning their calories and nutritional value.
  • The lunch menus of the optional catering service are created by specialized dieticians in accordance with the Mediterranean diet.
  • Special Educational Programs are organized in order to familiarize students with various issues regarding diet, health and physical activity.
  • Students and parents receive information about diet from experts, physical education teachers, athletes and writers of children’s books.
  • The physical development and eating habits of our students are monitored by dieticians.
  • Visits to food production facilities are scheduled, where students are informed about the processing and storage of raw materials as well as the promotion of products.
  • A vegetable garden is maintained on the Kindergarten - Elementary School premises, in order for the students to discover the value of biological products.

The educational project “Mission X: Train Like an Astronaut is an international educational challenge, focusing on fitness and nutrition, that encourages students to train like an astronaut.

Overseen by ESERO-UK, the program is supported by the UK Space Agency as well as the European Space Agency and forms part of the program “Eating Healthily at Mandoulides Schools.”

The program is addressed to Kindergarten and all Elementary School students and takes place from March to the end of the school year. During the program, certain actions are conducted according to the children’s age maturity and background knowledge.

Developed in cooperation with space scientists and fitness professionals working directly with astronauts, NASA's “Train Like an Astronaut” activities are a physical and inquiry-based approach to human health and fitness on Earth and in space.

During the pioneering Mission X challenge, our students participate in physical activities modelled after the real-life physical requirements of humans travelling in space.

Thus, our students, depending on their grade, take part in the following actions:

  • What’s your space height (calculation of space weight and height)
  • Energy of an astronaut (compilation of natural food lists that can guarantee the energy an astronaut needs)
  • Reduced gravity, Low fat (distinguishing the harmful fat ingredients included in food products we consume every day)
  • Taste in space (drawing a diagram of the human tongue, demonstrating how different senses can affect our taste)

What is more, our students are involved in the following fitness activities:

  • Agility astro course
  • Base station walkback
  • Build an astronaut core
  • Explore and discover
  • Do a spacewalk
  • Climb a Martian mountain
  • Crew training
  • Jump for the moon

Through this adventurous journey to the amazing world of space, students are not only informed about fitness and healthy eating, but they are also enabled to become the next generation of fitness explorers.