“Perhaps the Schools have, in fact, succeeded in becoming a modern and dynamic educational community of culture and sports, recognized throughout Greece today.”

Evangelos Mantoulidis on the occasion of the Schools’ 25th Anniversary

We have the expertise to lead students to the top and are renowned for the educational system we implement.

Numerous and outstanding distinctions are not only a goal we strive for, but also a validation of our work’s success. All of us feel proud that we take our students by the hand and guide them methodically and systematically to the utmost development of their skills.

We are known as “the school of outstanding distinctions,” and indeed, the name of Mandoulides Schools accompanies students who deservedly have won national and international distinctions in all academic subjects and areas of sport and culture.


“Nothing survives without constant care and attention!”

Evangelos Mantoulidis

A Greek institution with a global orientation.

At Mandoulides Schools we honor our duty to students and their future from the moment we lay down the first building block of education. Rigor and reliability, a strong sense of responsibility, and educational ethos characterize our chosen course. The pursuit of excellence and innovation combined with our love for children are the principal elements of the Schools’ identity.

At Mandoulides Schools, a Greek institution with a global orientation, students are always in the foreground, assisted and supported by their teachers.





Mandoulides Schools comprise a modern and vibrant educational community.

We implement programs and innovative actions beginning in the Day Care Center and Kindergarten, thus validating the view that a strong house is built on a strong foundation.

Pioneering programs such as Flipped Classroom, Watch & Learn, Case Studies, the digital platform my.mandoulides, and the use of new technologies throughout all grades render innovation a necessary prerequisite for the provision of an excellent education.

The inclusion of the Schools in the Microsoft Showcase Schools community enables us to experience innovative efforts and exchange innovative ideas that help shape education, learning and evaluation, aiming at the progress of education.


The ideal teacher becomes a bridge to help the student cross to the other side.

At Mandoulides Schools, the institution founded by distinguished educator and visionary Evangelos Mantoulidis, teachers safely guide students on the road to knowledge and creativity. Teachers ought to encourage students, to take them by the hand and guide them higher, so the students themselves can form a bridge leading to their own tomorrow.

In the words of Nikos Kazantzakis, “The ideal teacher becomes a bridge to help the student cross to the other side. And when the student has crossed, the teacher gladly allows the bridge to collapse, thus encouraging the student to build his or her own bridge.”


Each student is a protagonist in his or her own future.

In the Mandoulides Schools Kindergarten, students learn to love school. With innovative programs, creative activities, and experiential actions, love for knowledge is cultivated in a friendly and pleasant environment.

In Elementary School, students travel to the magical world of knowledge and build strong foundations through leading-edge educational actions. They start to realize the connection between school and society, and are taught responsibility and compassion. They begin to form a vision of their future.

In Junior - Senior High School, knowledge becomes a necessity and a means to achieve their goals. Our varied programs aim to build a fertile and creative educational environment where each student undertakes a unique role and grows as an individual.


Students’ safety is our priority.

Mandoulides Schools’ fundamental consideration is the safety of our students. We provide an environment that is secure and nurturing by taking all the necessary safety measures designated by the law, and by planning ahead to ensure that students have a safe school life.

In this way, we foster a welcoming and positive climate in which students can be themselves, can discover their inclinations and interests, and, without distractions, pursue their goals.