Social Contribution

Social Contribution

The Schools, always faithful to their pedagogical role, are committed to fostering a high sense of responsibility and the volunteer spirit in students through a series of charitable actions aimed at helping fellow human beings.

Christmas Charity Bazaar

Every year, with the participation of thousands of students, parents, teachers, and friends of the Schools, the Christmas Charity Bazaar titled "Triangle Wishes, Treats, Love and Kisses" is organized by the Schools and MAS Mandoulides, in a festive atmosphere and with the intention to offer to our fellow man. The proceeds of the charity bazaar are donated to groups, associations and individuals who have financial or social problems.

The Christmas Charity Bazaar for school year 2019-2020 was held at Mandoulides Schools Cultural and Sports Cente (Junior-Senior High School premises) on Saturday, 14 December, 2019.

Mandoulides Fair

Young and older people alike enjoy Mandoulides Fair, a carefree celebration full of joy and laughter which is successfully organized on the premises of the Elementary School on an annual basis.

Our little friends have the opportunity to have fun doing a variety of activities such as kinetic and traditional games, face painting, piñata, human centipede, adventure athletics and fishing! In addition, as part of the STREAM Steps program, students have the opportunity to do physics and robotics experiments.

Organizations such as the Parents' Association, Guardians and Friends with Visually Impaired Disabilities and Additional Disabilities “SYZOI” and the Smile of the Child are also present at the Fair.

Parents, children and friends of the Schools welcome summer and renew their appointment for the next year at a school that is open to everyone!

Mandoulides Fair for school year 2019-2020 will not take place due to coronovirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Volunteering Actions

Peer tutoring

Outstanding Senior High School students help Junior and other Senior High School students with Modern Greek, Ancient Greek, Mathematics and Physics under the supervision of the respective teachers.

Cooperation with the Pediatric Clinics of AHEPA Hospital and Ippokrateio Hospital

Students of our Schools pay weekly visits to the pediatric oncology departments and entertain the young patients. They play board games with them, sing, and engage in creative activities.

We learn by helping

This activity provides students of the Elementary School a first acquaintance with the concepts of volunteerism and solidarity. Through various activities, the program seeks to develop collaboration and social contribution.

With the association "Action to Bring about Change"

Students of our Schools pay weekly visits to the creative workshops of the Action to Bring about Change association and encounter people with disabilities. Young volunteers take part in the association with the help and support of all members, so as to gradually assume specialized roles.

With the nursing home "Myrtia"

Students of our Schools pay weekly visits to the “Myrtia" nursing home and assist the residents through discussions, entertainment and games.

xamogelo paidiou zografizoume medium

With the Smile of the Child organization

The Lilliputian artists of Mandoulides Kindergarten create art work that is put on sale to benefit the Smile of the Child social welfare organization.

Participation in half marathon Night Run for Hope and Health

Every year Students and graduates of the Schools participate in the half marathon Night Run for Hope and Health, organized in the center of Thessaloniki.

amymoni medium

With the club "Amymoni"

Participation in the half marathon Night Run for Hope and Health supports the efforts of "Amymoni" (Hellenic Association of Parents and Friends of People with Visual Impairment and Additional Disabilities). The Schools’ Christmas Charity Bazaar displays creations and products of the member of this association.

en dynamei medium

With “En Dynami”

Students and graduates of the Schools participate in activities and theatrical performances of "En Dynami" (group of children with special abilities). During the Christmas Charity Bazaar a display space is available where creations and products from the group are sold.

With the association "Open Arms"

Students of the Schools participate in actions and initiatives of “Open Arms” (Friends of Social Medicine and Pediatrics - Thessaloniki Branch). During the Schools’ annual Christmas Charity Bazaar a display space is available where creations and products of the members of this association can be purchased.

K. Skoraroume

We score for ''The Smile of the Child''

Faithful to genuine sportsmanship and actively applying the values of volunteerism and solidarity, teams from the Elementary School and the Soccer Academy participate in the sports tournament organized annually by the Smile of the Child social welfare organization.


Animals offer their eyes (Lara Guide-Dog School)

Young students of the Day Care Center, Kindergarten, and English Garden, join forces with the Lara Guide-Dog School to contribute to the invaluable work of the school that its people provide with great love and in a scientific approach. As part of the innovative program "Animals Offer Their Eyes", children are sensitized and at the same time informed about these unique guide dogs who offer their eyes to our fellow citizens with total or partial loss of vision.

Blood Bank

Mandoulides Schools, regarding blood donation as an invaluable contribution to society and knowing that demand for blood is constantly growing, have founded a Blood Bank, where faculty and staff, as well as students’ parents and guardians may donate blood voluntarily. We support the Blood Bank by opperating a voluntary blood donation event twice a year. Voluntary blood donation is an indication of compassion in its most genuine form.