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The impact of the detention of young people in correctional institutions. The role of education is not only in reducing crime but also in reintegrating former prisoners into society. 

Today’s reality

Unfortunately, recent research shows that almost 1 in 2 Greeks has high cholesterol without even knowing.

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Everybody is talking about ChatGPT, the chatbot powered by artificial intelligence that can write songs, provide financial advice, and define complex physics. It’s part of a new generation of AI changing our perception of machine intelligence. But are computers now more intelligent than their creators? As neuroscientist Ori Ossmy of Birkbeck, University of London explains, not quite.

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Learning tools such as websites, apps, and games should collect only the information they need for educational purposes. And whatever personal information they collect should be kept private and protected. That way, hackers and data brokers can’t snoop for your child’s personal information. If teachers ask your kids to use specific apps or websites for school, there are a few simple things you can check.

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Working on managing your own emotions, asking the right questions and helping to determine the level of support they need are some effective ways parents can follow to empower adolescents.

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Future careers in all sectors will rely heavily on STEM skills. But a lack of diversity means we have a limited workforce, and it’s missing a broad range of perspectives.

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Consumers can’t pass up a product update—even if there’s no improvement. What leads to this powerful allure of change? Are we really that naïve?

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Neuroscientists know that pregnant mothers’ brains change in ways that appear to help with caring for a baby. Now researchers have identified changes in new fathers’ brains, too.