Living during a global pandemic is no joke. And the isolation most of us are experiencing is even tougher for tween girls, who take their blossoming social lives very seriously. So it’s no surprise if you’re considering TikTok, Instagram, and Snapchat sooner than you’d expected, in order to foster the kind of connection and support kids can only get from friends.More

Photograph: Julia M Cameron

This painful year has produced some inspiring books full of poetry, adventure, powerful emotion and consoling humour. Oliver Jeffers’s newly released picture book, What We’ll Build (HarperCollins), follows a father and small daughter as they construct both a house to live in and a shared future.More

Photograph: Racool_studio

This year, living through the lockdowns and other restrictions brought on by the pandemic, has involved a huge amount of loss and change for many children. For vulnerable children, including those who have experienced bereavements, who live with mental health difficulties, and those who have had less contact with important people in their lives (especially children in foster care or residential care), this has been a particularly difficult time.More

Photograph: Ketut Subiyanto