British toddlers are now increasingly likely to be TikTok users, according to their parents, but what exactly is that doing to their brains?

Nearly 16% of three and four year olds watch content on the video social media app, according to research commissioned by media regulator Ofcom, which surveyed parents. Meanwhile a third of all children (33%) in the five to seven-year-old age group and 60% of eight to 11-year-olds use the site.More

Photograph: Andrea Piacquadio

There isn’t a clear-cut definition of what it means to engage in “toxic” behaviors — or to be a “toxic” parent — because it’s not a clinical term. When the behaviors or relationship are really toxic, though, it’s usually pretty easy to tell, like when parents are totally unsupportive, or when they manipulate their kids. In those cases, parents can inflict significant emotional and developmental damage…More

Photograph: Monstera