Most child development milestones are monitored closely by parents from a very young age: Can my child walk? Check! Use a cup to drink? Check! Jump on one foot? Recite the ABCs? Check and check! More

Photograph: Eren Li

Imagine how much easier life could be if your kids picked up after themselves, fixed their own snacks, packed their lunches, and pitched in around the house. Teaching them how to be independent won’t just make life easier for you however; it will also put them on the path toward becoming responsible citizens. More

Source: verywellfamily
Photograph: Kampus Production

Whether your child can’t find their math homework or has forgotten their lunch, good problem-solving skills are the key to helping them manage their life. A 2010 study published in Behaviour Research and Therapy found that kids who lack problem-solving skills may be at a higher risk of depression and suicidality. More

Photograph: Tatiana Syrikova