The 11th Mathematics Week took place at Mandoulides Schools from September 1st to 5th 2014. A total of 93 students participated, 19 of which came from other schools of Thessaloniki. Following completion of written examinations the following students received distinctions:

8th grade
1st Place – O. Ploiaridis, Κ. Koutroulis
2nd Place – Ε. Hasioti, V. Triantafyllou
3rd Place – Ι. Samaras, G. Charistos, P. Andreadis
Honorable Mention  – C. Marinopoulos, Α. Spiliopoulos

9th grade
1st Place – A. Moirotsos (Delasal)
2nd Place – N. Ntalipis (1st High School of Panorama), S. Moirotsos (De La Salle College)
3rd Place – P. Gkragkopoulou (9th High School of Kalamaria)

10th grade
1st Place – K. Stefanidis, T. Haris, D. Konstantos, C. Karathodoros
2nd Place – A. Pampori, D. Alexandridis (Anatolia)
Honorable Mention – O. – T. Tzamtzis, N. Dimopoulos

11th grade
1st Place – F. – I. Sytilidis, D. Tsintsilidis (High School Kalampakiou Dramas)
2nd Place – I. Girousis, R. Ketsetsidis
3rd Place – G. Venizelos, P. Koutsogeorgos (10th Grade)

12th grade
1st Place – A. Panagiotopoulos
2nd Place – G. Mpatzolis, R. Tsiamis (9th Grade)
3rd Place – S. Koutroulis

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