1st International Student Literature Meeting

1st International Student Literature Meeting “Rethinking Literature in Schools”

The Zografeio High School of Istanbul and Mandoulides Schools of Thessaloniki are organizing the 1st International Student Literature Meeting on the topic: “Rethinking Literature in Schools” which will take place online on Thursday, 15 and Friday, April 16, 2021, under the auspices of the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople.

Aim of the meeting:

The 1st International Student Literature Meeting aims to constitute a proposal for teaching and approaching literature.

Our Meeting aims to maintain contact, communication, exchange of views and creative collaboration of students and teachers with selected representatives of literature and the arts. In the era of the pandemic we want to give the students outlets to express themselves, we want to listen to their views and suggestions. We want them to talk freely about what worries them, but also about what they want and what they think, but there are no easy words to talk about what robs them of their dreams and deprives them of their every-day mind broadening experiences

Topics for discussion

  • Teaching literature in High School today.
  • The ideal literature course – Suggestions for teaching and reading.
  • Can poetry really be taught?
  • Creative writing or essay writing.
  • The role of the reader, the role of the writer, the role of the literature teacher.
  • Contemporary Odysseys and forbidden texts.
  • How does the book resist the phantasmagoria of new technologies?
  • Foreign literature – Literature in translation.
  • Writers confess: choices, difficult times, joys and impasses.
  • Literature on the silver screen and the cinema.


  • The Meeting is addressed to Senior High School students.
  • The meeting will be attended by 20 schools with 5-8 participants and 1-2 teachers each.
  • Each student will participate in one discussion and attend the rest.
  • Each discussion will be attended by writers, university professors, literary critics, students, teachers and will be moderated by a journalist.
  • Each discussion will be led by a special counselor, it will address a topic and last 90 minutes.
  • A more detailed briefing will follow on the topics of the discussions, the special advisor of each discussion and what he deems necessary for the better preparation of the students.
  • The presence of the participants throughout the meeting is mandatory.
  • The discussions can be attended by other students of the participating schools.
  • Certificates of participation and attendance will be given to the participant students and the teachers.
  • The meeting will be held online through an online platform.

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