1st place at the American Scholastic Mathematics Contest of the American Scholastic Mathematics Association (ASMA)

Την 1η θέση κατέλαβαν τα Εκπαιδευτήρια στον Διεθνή Μαθηματικό Διαγωνισμό «American Scholastic Mathematics Contest»

Mandoulides Schools took 1st place among the schools which participated in the International Mathematics Contest: “American Scholastic Mathematics Contest,” which is organized by the American Scholastic Mathematics Association (ASMA), both regarding the category of junior high schools and the category of senior high schools. Among the junior high school students who took part, A. Giannakis (9th grade) obtained the highest total score and among the senior high school students, P. Liampas (10th grade) did likewise.

The team that participated in the contest was composed of 45 junior high school students and 23 senior high school students. The contest has taken place 6 times during the school year. Due to the extraordinary epidemiological circumstances and the suspension of the school function, almost every time it was realized virtually through the applications of Ms Teams and Ms Forms.

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