3rd place in the Team School Chess Championship of Thessaloniki – Chalkidiki

On Saturday, March 2, 2024, the 22nd Team Chess Championship of Thessaloniki – Chalkidiki 2024 took place for Gymnasiums and Lyceums. The representative team of the Gymnasium of the Schools secured the 3rd place and the bronze medal, thus qualifying for the Panhellenic Team Championship, which will take place on April 27.

Our team consists of the students: E. Sikalidou (3rd Gymnasium), V. Bekiari, E. Sikalidou, M. – K. Skodra, O. Hasioti (2nd Gymnasium), and A. Nikaki (1st Gymnasium).

We congratulate our students for their distinction and wish them success in the Panhellenic Team Championship!

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