5th Panhellenic UN Student Conference on Human Rights “Students as Diplomats”

5η Πανελλήνια Μαθητική Προσομοίωση του ΟΗΕ για τα Ανθρώπινα Δικαιώματα «Μαθητές σε ρόλο διπλωμάτη»

5th Panhellenic UN Student Conference on Human Rights “Students as Diplomats”

Thirty-seven Junior and Senior Mandoulides High School students took part in the 5th UN Student Conference on Human Rights entitled “Students as Diplomats”, which was organized by the Social Cooperative Enterprise ROI (ΡΟΗ).

The conference was held online, via an online tele-conference platform, due to COVID-19 related health regulations, from Friday 11 to Sunday 13 December 2020.

The students, who undertook the role of a diplomat, took part in negotiations related to the protection and advocacy of human rights and familiarized themselves with concepts related to the implementation of UN treaties. As representatives of various countries, the students took the stand to defend human rights, following the current legislation of their country. They debated with representatives from other countries, exchanged views and developed their arguments, always within a framework of mutual respect and tolerance.

On the last day of the Conference, all the decisions of the Committees were recorded and the best diplomats were awarded.

Our students received the following distinctions:

Best Expert Award

  • E. – H. Athanasiadou (11th Grade)
  • E. Kipourou (11th Grade)
  • D. Siagkri (10th Grade)
  • E. Triaridou (11th Grade)
  • M. Tselliou (10th Grade)

Best Future Diplomat Award

  • V. Iosifidou (9th Grade)
  • K. Karagkitsi (10th Grade)
  • O. Kerameos (10th Grade)
  • S. Papathanasiou (10th Grade)
  • M. – L. Szamozi – Kalligatsi (10th Grade, in an English-speaking Committee)
  • R. Tsiorvas (10th Grade)

1st Honorable Mention

  • P. Marmaridou (10th Grade)
  • E. Mitrou (11th Grade)
  • D. Sidiropoulou (10th Grade)
  • E. Tampouri (8th Grade)
  • A. Tzellos (11th Grade)

2nd Honorable Mention

  • E. Georgitseli (9th Grade)
  • D. Karavasilis (10th Grade)
  • A. Kostouli (11th Grade)
  • A. Marmaridou (10th Grade)

3rd Honorable Mention

  • M. Ganatsa (10th Grade)
  • E. Stourna (11th Grade)



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