Art Games 2021: Art, education and culture

Art Games 2021: Art, education and culture

Mandoulides Schools for the seventh year in a row organized the pan-Hellenic student Art Games, with the participation of students from 11 private and public schools in Greece and the Greek Diaspora.

This year, due to the extraordinary circumstances imposed by the covid- 19 pandemic, the students competed only in the categories of poetry, painting, photography and video. The theme of this year’s event was individual responsibility as presented by Nikos Kazantzakis in Asceticism: “Love responsibility. Say: I and I alone have a duty to save the earth. If it is not saved, it is my fault “

The Art Games have been a youth artistic event since 2015 and a great celebration of education and culture. Here at Mandoulides schools we aim not so much at the prize as at the effort, the struggle and the creative encounter, the coexistence with peers, the fruitful reflection and the artistic expression.

The judges in each category, which this year consisted of renowned personalities from the field of art, expressed their satisfaction with and enthusiasm for the level of the student creations, the effort of the students and their talent.

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