Bronze Medal in the 10th International Young Naturalists’ Tournament (IYNT)

Bronze Medal in the 10th International Young Naturalists’ Tournament (IYNT)

The “Mandoulides LaGrands” team won the bronze medal in the final phase of the 10th   International Young Naturalists’ Tournament (IYNT), that took place in Tbilisi, Georgia from 21st until 28th August.

In this tournament, there were 13 teams that participated and competed for the title of the “absolute winner”. In the final phase, the teams competed against each other through a very interesting process, during which they assumed different kinds of roles (Reporter -Opponent – Reviewer), that could be alternated, and talked about the problems of the competition. This competition required great skills on behalf of the students, such as presentation, argumentative, teamwork, and critical thinking skills.

The “Mandoulides LaGrands” team, having won a gold medal in the national part of the tournament (3rd Hellenic YNT), that took place last April, was very well prepared in Tbilisi and showed its great skills from the beginning. This can easily be confirmed considering its performances (3,5 wins in the first 4 rounds), earning a place in the semi-finals. At this point of the tournament, the team did not manage to win the team of Georgia, winning eventually the bronze medal.

Besides the tournament, students had the chance to visit Tbilisi, to get to know about its culture and also interact with students from other countries during excursions that took place in between the days of the tournament.

The team “Mandoulides LaGrands» consisted of students from the 1st grade of senior high school:
S. Artopoios, G. Vlachonasios, A. Therianou, F. Pavlidou, Ν. Serifovits, Α. Chousiada.

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