Christmas time with Special Stories… for our Kindergarten Students

Christmas time with Special Stories… for our Kindergarten Students

It has been said that if half of the story belongs to the author, then the other half belongs to the child reading it! It is a well-known fact that a book is one’s best friend for life.

As Christmas was near, we decided to welcome various guests to our virtual classrooms, guests who happen to be the authors of wonderful stories which help us travel far!

While in their virtual classroom, Pre-Kindergarten Students and Blossoms had the opportunity to meet the author Christos Dimopoulos and listen to the story

of a unique mermaid from his book “The mermaid Elisso” (Psychogios Editions). Students asked the author questions, and then with his guidance made their own paper stars out of simple materials. They also sang Christmas carols!

Pre-Kindergarten Students and Blossoms also met the author Giorgos Lempesis, who narrated the Christmas story called “Deep Christmas” (Psychogios Editions) through an animated video which he created for our students. The author answered students’ questions, and in return they sang Christmas carols.

The author Vangelis Iliopoulos joined the online lessons of Kindergarten and Beatles, and narrated the story “But Where Did Christmas Go?” (Patakis Editions). The author shared a few “secrets” that will make this Christmas seem like a “Fairytale”. He also answered students’ questions and sang Christmas carols with them.

In this magical journey we were accompanied by friends of Mandoulides Schools from the Expatriate Schools of Imvros and Istanbul. Together with the Kindergarten of Imvros and the Creative Workshop of Holy Trinity (Agia Triada), we “took in ‘ the special stories a and wished that our New Year be filled only with happiness, smiles, and many hugs!

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