Current Events: “Bullying And Violence Within Schools”

Under the framework of the Current Events program , an event titled “Bullying and Violence within Schools,” took place at the Cultural and Sports Center of the Schools. The event was attended by students of all grades of the Junior High School. Guest lecturers were E. Athanasopoulou, child psychologist and head of the Child Health Education Center of the Papanikolaou General Hospital; and O. Zikopoulou, psychologist and associate of the Schools.

The event aimed to raise awareness among young people on the phenomenon of violence in schools and give them the chance to ask questions and express concerns. Groups of 7th grade students prepared and presented work on the subject, aptly addressing the most essential points to better explain this phenomenon. A discussion followed where experts answered key questions, transferring their own knowledge and experience to the students. Some of the questions the children posed concerned the reasons there is an increase in this phenomenon, how to reduce and/or eliminate it. Furthermore, they asked the experts to share the experiences they had through their work with young people who have been instigators or recipients of violence. Students of the 7th and 8th grade closed the event with a modern choreography that captured the phenomenon of school violence.

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