EYATH Educational Program “The Sewerage Cycle in Thessaloniki”

On Tuesday,16th April, the EYATH educational program “The Sewerage Cycle in Thessaloniki”, approved by the Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs, took place at the Theatre of the Cultural Centre of Mandoulides Schools.

The program presenter was Mr. Georgios Nikolaidis, who is a Chemical Engineer and member of the Environmental Monitoring Department of EYATH. He addressed the 7th Grade students as good – environmental – habits are built from an early age.

An important part of water management, especially in cities, is the sewer network and its operation. Thus, “The Sewerage Cycle in Thessaloniki” project aims first of all to consolidate the usefulness of a sewer network for public health, water recipients, and their ecosystems. Secondly, it aims to present and identify the main drainage infrastructure in Thessaloniki and its importance for the Thermaikos Gulf and its ecosystem. Finally, its goal is to create environmentally sound practices regarding the use of sanitation at the household level.

The students were informed about various aspects of sewerage operation in our city through interesting visual material. In particular, they were informed about the route of our waste in the sewer network, the problems created by inappropriate discharges, the Biological Treatment Plants, and also about the quality of the water of Thermaikos, which has been greatly improved, thanks to the proper treatment of wastewater and the purification carried out by EYATH.

The students’ interest in the program was confirmed by the number and quality of their questions to the speaker which followed the end of his presentation. The program ended with the distribution of information material and small souvenirs.


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