Farewell Daycare Centre Celebration – Juniors – Seniors – Seeds

Another creative school year full of wonderful activities, comes to an end!

The youngest students of our Schools, our Juniors, Seniors, and Seeds from Daycare Centre, celebrated the end of this year with a farewell theatrical performance based on the beloved children’s story “The Wolf is Back”.

Our young protagonists, transformed in their costumes, and full of enthusiasm and talent, took us on a journey into a world of adventures and surprises. All the heroes from our favorite fairy tales met in a magical forest. The peace and joy of our heroes were dispelled by the terrible news of the wolf’s return. An exciting journey followed, full of songs, dances, and theatrical action, where friendship, teamwork, and solidarity triumphed!

Through this fantastic story, the children sent the message that together we can be stronger and achieve the impossible. With courage, bravery, and strength of soul, everything around us can become more beautiful and our world can become a better place!

Have a great summer!

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