“Flower Festival” in Pre-K

Spring is here and nature is celebratingι! We were all invited to this celebration. Pre-K classes were filled with colorful flowers in this flower festival!

We looked them up and learned their names. We drew the ones that impressed us the most and wearing our gardening gloves we planted the prettiest flowers with soil and a few seeds!

We learned the parts of a flower by exploring new concepts, such as shoot, root, seed, and flower, and then we recognized the words and wrote them down with the help of “Ms. Alphabet”. Paper cups were turned into beautiful pots thanks to our imagination and the use of colors, and embraced the little seed, which will grow and become the most beautiful flower with the help of love, water, and light!

We created an herbarium for our class collecting flowers and herbs. We wrote down their names and put our herbarium in a central place in our bookcase. We learned to love and respect nature and its microcosm.

It was a wonderful celebration in the world of flowers!


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