Grand Event for Mandoulides Schools’ 40th Anniversary

Mandoulides Schools completed the celebrations of their 40 years of contribution to education and culture amongst an audience of hundreds of guests at the Cultural and Sports Center of the Schools.

Leading composer Giorgos Hatzinasios and singer Manolis Mitsias, accompanied by the orchestra and the choirs of the Schools and the Melissanthi Choir of the Municipality of Alexandreia, honored the event with their concert.

Mrs. Aikaterini Mantoulidou, President of the Schools, was the keynote speaker at the event and spoke enthusiastically about the vision and hard work of the founder of the Schools, who has bequeathed a rich pedagogical heritage to the future generations of students.

Dr. Aspa Chasioti, General Director of the Schools, spoke about the milestones of the Schools since their beginning, 40 years ago, and their progress in the new era.

The event also featured a documentary about the life and work of the founder of the school, the great teacher and visionary Evangelos Mantoulidis (1938-2007), edited by journalist Kostas Bliatkas, as well as a video with the Schools’ turning points.

The event was attended by people of arts and letters, education, political life, local government, educational and administrative staff of the Schools, parents, students, alumni as well as friends of the Schools.

A reception followed at the Schools’ campus.


Students, friends, partners and distinguished academics reminisce the life and work of Evangelos Mantoulidis, founder of the Schools.


Our old students are now…Parents of the School’s students. They reminisce their past school life while their children are now students of the Schools.

The event was broadcasted live by Livemedia


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