Important Distinctions in Chess

On Saturday, 9th March the chess club of our Schools participated in the 22nd Team Chess Championship for Students of Thessaloniki-Chalkidiki with two teams.
The A team won third place and was awarded medals and a trophy, and the B team managed to be slightly above the middle of the final ranking. Congratulations to all students who participated in the matches, as well as to their parents who gave them the chance to attend!

The students who participated were the following:

A Team
1. I. Deves (5th Grade)
2. A.Tzeiranidis (5th Grade)
3. F. Nikakis (5th Grade)
4. A. Maragkou (4th Grade)

B Team
1. N. Kleisarchakis (3th Grade)
2. S. Komisopoulos (3th Grade)
3.K. Stathis(4th Grade)
4.D. Sklavou (2nd Grade)
5. M. Georgiadis (5th Grade)
4.I. – E. Mousouris (3rd Grade)



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