Kindergarten students celebrate the 28th October anniversary

Kindergarten students celebrate the 28th October anniversary

In an atmosphere of joy and pride for their country, Kindergarten students celebrated the 28th October anniversary for yet another year.

Reference was made to the historical events of that time and students had the opportunity to listen to the Speech of War Declaration and act out the “OHI” response of the Greeks of that time.

They observed photos and watched videos in relation to the 28th October anniversary and made drawings depicting the feelings induced by war and peace respectively. Using paper plates, wire, construction paper and different colors, they created a soldier who fought bravely and shouted “OHI” to those who wanted to conquer his country. They, also, colored the Greek flag, learned songs and poems.

In order to commemorate the day and with their peer students as an audience, they paraded with pride and enthusiasm, sang songs and recited poems about the Greek flag, Greece and the heroes of 1940.

They wanted to share all these with you!

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