Loving animals, lessons of guileless love

As part of the innovative program of the Kindergarten “Animals Seek Their Rights”, students of Pre-Kindergarten and Blossoms had the opportunity to attend a new interactive program called  “Loving animals, lessons of guileless love!” by the Zo.E.S team (Schools Briefings on Loving Animals). Aiming to raise awareness among students of the major issue of stray animals, the representative and coordinator of the team Ms. Katerina Papapostolou, along with other members, will visit our school with puppies who lived in the street until recently. They showed us how to approach and take care of them and informed us about the way in which these animals were collected and the state in which they were found. They also discussed the huge need in love, shelter, food, and medical care that all stray animals are in. Finally, we watched an informative DVD on animal care and participated in various games concerning animal welfare.

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