“Multilingualism is Delicious!”

As part of the European Day of Languages , a multilingualism and multiculturalism celebration entitled “Multilingualism is Delicious!” was held on the Junior High School premises on Thursday October 13, 2016 with food, flags, toys, colors and songs from many European countries.

Students had the opportunity to taste Greek bougatsa pies, English apple pies, French croissants, German hotdogs and strudels, Italian pizza and pasta salads and Spanish tortillas, they listened to songs from various countries, they presented their projects on multilingualism, they created their own poster on multilingualism adding their own favorite word in the language of their choice on the “Tree of Words”, and they also drew and participated in a quiz on languages of the world!

Finally, the students had the opportunity to comment in writing on the famous phrase of Goethe “One who does not know foreign languages does not know well his own language!”

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