Educational Technology 1:1

Combining tradition with progress, Mandoulides Schools are implementing the use of computers as a key tool for the education of 5th and 6th Grade students, as well as 7th grade (after Christmas). The integration of technology tools into the courses transforms learning into a participatory process, helps students understand and reinforce knowledge, and enhances 21st century skills such as collaboration, communication, critical thinking and computational thinking. The combination of traditional and contemporary teaching methods makes learning effective and enjoyable. Through modern and innovative educational material, knowledge becomes accessible. With Office 365 learning becomes experiential, interactive, and more pleasant while students become creators and teachers become guides.

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5th, 6th Grande and 4th Grade ( after Christmas )

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Online School

Research and Development

Creation of innovative research papers and participation in student conferences ...
Foreign Languages

French and German

French and German are taught as a second language in ...


Elementary school students have the opportunity to participate in the ...

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