Project Presentation at the 8th International Mathematical Week

In the context of the 8th International Mathematics Week, activities were organized by the Hellenic Mathematical Society (Annex of Central Macedonia), in which students of our Schools presented outstanding projects under the following themes:

  • F. – I. Sytilidis, “Broken chord by Archimedes.”
  • I. Girousis, “Rate of Quantity Change.”
  • P. Koutsogeorgos, “Special properties of quadrilaterals.”
  • G. Venizelos and A. Koulouras, “Two brothers in Germany.”
  • V. Georgiadis, “Integer part of a real number.”
  • R. Ketsetsidis, “The properties of XOR.”

Moreover, on Wednesday, March 30th, 2016 students of our Schools attended lectures made under the 8th International Mathematics Week.

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