Ready for the finals!

Our Elementary School students performed their best in the 20th Chess Team Championship for Elementary School students of the prefectures of Thessaloniki and Chalkidiki.

The teams participating in the championship were 38 in total. The students of Mandoulides Schools earned 7th place, thus qualifying for the Panhellenic School Chess Championship.

The students Ι. Deves (3rd grade), Ε. – L. Ζiaka (3rd grade), Ν. Ζiakas (6th grade), Α. Μpekiari (3rd grade) and G. – Μ. Τsitampani (2nd grade) achieved great performance in the championship, while exhibiting team spirit and collaborating effectively with each other.

We warmly congratulate our students and wish them good luck in the Panhellenic Championship.

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