Talking to writers about the year of 1821

Talking to writers about the year of 1821

A few days before the National Anniversary of March 25th, the students of the Kindergarten and all grades of Primary School traveled to the glorious Greek past. Through the magical world of books, pages of Greek history unfolded, bringing to light more or less known events of the past.

The students met online with well-known Greek authors, within their digital classrooms, as part of the event “Talking about the 21st century”. Thoughts and reflections were shared with them around the Greek Revolution, they shed light on unknown aspects of it, while they revived people, whose actions and beliefs marked the course of our country.

Christos Dimopoulos was welcomed by the young students of the Kindergarten and the First Grade students of the Primary School. The author presented his book “How to survive in Greece during the revolution of 1821”, published by Psychogios, in his own unique way. He also brought to life scenes from the daily life of the Greeks at that time, through his immediate and vivid narration.

The students of Second and Third Grade met with the author Eleni Svoronou, who presented excerpts from her book “To live free” by Metaichmio. With a playful mood and great respect for our national history, Mrs. Svoronou shed light on events of the past, which marked the fate and course of our country, while answering to questions raised by the students.

The students of the Fourth Grade of the Primary School had the opportunity to talk to the author Eleni Zarabuka. The reason of this meeting was the book “The Revolution of 1821” published by Patakis, around the content of which the students expressed questions and concerns.

The students of Fifth Grade of the Primary School chatted online with the authors of the book “The faces of the Revolution of 1821” Vasiliki Markaki and Zenonas Zampakidis. They exchanged views on those people, who by their actions and deeds – warlike or spiritual – determined the course of the struggle against Turkey and paved the way for the liberation of our homeland.

The students of Sixth Grade of the Primary School met online with Elsa Myrogianni, the author of the book “The Dream of John” by Kaleidoscope, and talked about

Kapodistrias’ vision and his actions, after assuming his duties as the first governor of the new Greek state.

Through all these meetings, the children were able to clearly comprehend the miracle that took place in our country 200 years ago. With their apt questions, but also with their spontaneous questions and thoughts, the digital classrooms came to life once again, confirming that technology and the good mood of students and teachers can overcome obstacles, bringing students closer to the people who teach us through their work.

Today, more than ever before, 200 years after the heroic uprising of 1821, the words and motto of our ancestors for freedom acquire a significant meaning.

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