The prehistoric journeys of Pre-Kindergarten students!

The prehistoric journeys of Pre-Kindergarten students!

In an effort to experience time travel to the past, we have decided to become young paleontologists and, under the guidance of Gaia and Macho, we embarked on a journey to the prehistoric era!

We met the first humans who resided in caves, we talked about their diet and clothing as well as the discovery of the fire and the first tools that contributed to their survival. After the use of digital materials, we were able to discuss about prehistoric animals. As young artists who love Art, we created mammoths and amazing dinosaurs, by using various techniques and beautiful colours. We danced to the rhythm, along with little dinosaurs and our favourite friends, and wrote letters while creating compound words related to the prehistoric times.

We talked about fossils and observed magnificent discoveries made by paleontologists, which are exhibited in well-known museums abroad. Our journey to the prehistoric times taught us a lot and really impressed us!

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