Thessaloniki – Istanbul: We Sing Together…with Dionysis Savvopoulos

In an event where excitement and music dominated, hundreds of expatriates and Greeks applauded Dionysis Savvopoulos on the stage of Zografeio Lykeio of Istanbul, who was accompanied by students of the Zografeio Lykeio and 6th grade students of Mandoulides Schools. The students, in an original and imaginative way, greeted Dionysis Savvopoulos, the songwriter from Thessaloniki, who has family origins in Istanbul and who sang songs plucked from the common tradition of both cities. Dionysis Savvopoulos sang with the students, and shared memories and favorite stories of his father, George Savvopoulos, who lived in Constantinople. The story of the “Psomathianos” folk singer who was enchanted by fairies and lost his voice literally stole the show. During the event Dionysis Savvopoulos was proclaimed by the Director of Zografeio Lykeio Yiannis Demirtzoglou an “Honorary Zografeiotis” for his 50-year contribution to the Greek song. The honorary plaque awarded by His All Holiness Ecumenical Patriarch Vartholomeos.

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