As part of the Vocational Guidance Program, Mandoulides Schools held a “Three-Day Vocational Guidance Workshop” from Wednesday 27th March until Friday 29th March, to help students in the process of choosing their studies, to provide them with a clear picture of various professions and to facilitate their future choice. 

Vocational guidance is considered particularly important, and nowadays more than ever, as a greater knowledge of the professional reality always helps to make more mature decisions.

 For three days, selected professionals, friends, parents, and alumni of the Schools informed the 10th and 11th Grade students about the conditions and perspectives of modern and traditional professions, to orient themselves professionally and choose their future profession responsibly. 

The three-day workshop ended with a speech by the Vice Governor for Extroversion and former basketball player Mr. Bane Prelevic, prompted by his book “The Power of Defeat”. 

This year, professionals from various professional fields visited the Schools. More specifically, the speakers were the following: 

  • D. Aspragathou, Judge
  • R. Vankin, Consul at the Consulate General of Bulgaria
  • D. Venieris – Velopoulos, Journalist
  • Ch. Galilaias, Director of the Thessaloniki Concert Hall
  • K. Giavis, University Professor at the School of Philology of AuTh
  • S. Goutzamanis, Civil Engineer
  • F. Zelelidou, Hotel Manager – MEDITERRANEAN PALACE HOTEL
  • Ε. Kalimeras, Maxillofacial Surgeon                                                                               
  • G. Karagiannis, Lawyer
  • Th. Karapanagiotidis, Neurologist – Assistant Professor at the 2nd Neurological Department of AuTh at AHEPA
  • Ch. Karkos, Vascular Surgeon
  • Μ. Klimatsidas, Thoracic Surgeon
  • Ε. Kotanidou, Paediatrician
  • D. Koudroglou, Lawyer
  • D. Konstantinidis, Civil Engineer, Professor at the International Hellenic University
  • L. Kotoulas, Civil Engineer
  • Μ. Malikoutsakis, Mechanical Engineer, Scientific Associate of the Faculty of Engineering
  • G. Banavas, Electrical Engineer, Economist
  • Κ. Neanidis, Pathologist – Oncologist
  • S. Nikouli, Lawyer
  • Τ. Pentzos, Economist, Managing Director of ΖΑΝΝΑΕ
  • Μ. Rammou, Manager – Director  
  • Ε. Rousonikolou, Notary
  • Ι. Roufos, Pharmacist, Pharmaceutical Executive
  • S. Spanos, Computer Engineer 
  • Ch. Stasinopoulos, Economist, Chartered Accountant 
  • Κ. Stefanou, International Hellenic University 
  • Security Bodies
  • Ch. Tsaousanis, PhD – Career Counselor, Scientific Director of EMPLOY EDU                                                              
  • Α. Tsaliki, Recruitment and Staffing Executive, Black sea Trade & Development Bank
  • G. Chatzichristodoulou, EXERETON – YANNI HAIR SPA
  • Α. Christodoulou, Psychologist  


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