Workshop: Genetic Tests to Prevent Obesity – Diet – Metabolism

Considering Mandoulides Schools’ aim to raise awareness on the issue of diet and by extension of obesity, a Workshop on “Genetic Tests to Prevent Obesity – Diet – Metabolism” was held at the Cultural Centre of the Schools on Thursday, 4th May.

Obesity, especially childhood and adolescent obesity, constitutes one of the most characteristic conditions of our time. Its rates worldwide are increasing, to an extent that could informally be likened to a “pandemic”. After all, the World Health Organisation now classifies obesity as a disease.

The Workshop was organized by DNA Therapeutics, a Biotechnology company based in Thessaloniki. This company offers Genetics services, aiming at the creation, standardization, and commercialization of genetic tests for clinical evaluation. The Workshop mainly focused on how diet and heredity affect metabolism. The presenters also explained how it is possible to investigate through modern genetic methods the body’s ability to metabolize proteins and carbohydrates, absorb iron and calcium, as well as its possible predisposition to gluten and lactose intolerance. Emphasis was placed on the fact that these techniques provide important information about the predisposition to develop obesity and for controlling cardiovascular health.

Our 10th and 11th Grade students attended the Workshop and had the chance to pose interesting questions to the presenters, regarding the subject of the Workshop and their personal studies, and how these helped them in their subsequent professional career.

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