Young entrepreneurs!

Our 2nd grade students successfully participated in the innovative program “Financial Literacy – Young entrepreneurs in action,” through which they became acquainted with the euro as well as economic transactions.

Being introduced to the history of currencies, our students gained a lot of information about the European currency, familiarized themselves with terms such as the European Union and the European Economic Community and while employing the knowledge that they had acquired during their Mathematics lessons, they conducted commercial transactions.

At the grocery store that can be found on the Elementary School premises and was created by students and teachers with empty food packaging that they brought from their homes, our 2nd grade students, as if they were experienced salespeople, were responsible for the pricing of the products as well as the transactions conducted with Euro coins that they had created.

Our students enjoyed their active participation in all stages of the grocery store creation and the economic transactions that took place in it.

The teachers experienced great joy as well, since the benefits of experiential educational actions that help students acquire new knowledge while playing were evident.

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