Day Care Center - Kindergarten


The Day Care Centre and Kindergarten lay the foundation for the sound development of the child. Students learn to discover themselves; they take initiative and develop skills, combining knowledge with creative play. Expert educators help the youngsters forge a balanced and well-rounded personality through the use of modern pedagogic methodologies, on a friendly, secure campus, full of joy and care, love and creativity.

Students of the Day Care Center - Kindergarten:

Familiarize themselves with the Greek language, Mathematics, new technologies, and foreign languages (English, French, and German).

Express themselves creatively by engaging in various arts: children’s literature, music, theater, painting and the “live art gallery.”

Cultivate their spirit through educational excursions, cultural events, and entertaining activities, and exercise their bodies in daily physical education classes and in clubs.

Enjoy themselves and cultivate team spirit through various social activities and creative play.


Children of preschool age, in a suitable communication environment and through a comprehensive educational system, participate and learn while having fun. The interdisciplinary approach of subjects - language, mathematics, environmental studies, creation and expression, information - is in sync with their needs, interests, experiences and capabilities. Games become the core of the program and the consolidation of language is reinforced in the teaching of all subjects. The program encourages interaction between children and helps them to work together to solve problems, to take initiative and responsibility, and to share experiences and feelings.

The subject of Computer Science supports the educational process with computers that constitute a visual media and educational tool with broad possibilities.

Kindergarten students are taught this subject in a specially designed laboratory using selected educational software. Classes are held exclusively in English in order to encourage students’ familiarity with that language.

Through the use of this e-learning platform, each student has access to a vast universe of interactive educational material (e-books, notes, educational videos, exams, current scientific articles).


The aim of this program is to encourage contact and familiarization of all students with the English language, through a series of educational activities, tailored to their specific characteristics and abilities.

Our students:

  • Become familiar with the English language, using new technologies on their computers daily.
  • Are introduced to the world of literature with the Booktime program.
  • Are entertained through English clubs.
  • Are engaged daily from 14:00 to 17:00 in a creative English program.
  • Practice speaking in the extracurricular sections After School Link.

Mandoulides English Garden

This program is aimed at schoolchildren 3 - 6 years old, who have English as their native language or want to become as proficient in English as in Greek.

In Mandoulides English Garden, along with learning the Greek language, history and tradition, and with the guidance of experienced teachers who are native speakers, students gain knowledge of the English language. They travel in the magical world of fairy tales, legends and traditions, customs, music and songs and learn to love English through games and team play, music, painting, computer use, gymnastics and other activities.


Morning Program 07:00 - 09:30

Teachers welcome students from 07:00 to accommodate working parents.

Daily Creative Activities program

For the convenience of working parents, the Schools provide students daily creative activities from 13:15 to 17:00. During that time, children have the opportunity to eat, to sleep and to work creatively.

Especially for Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten students, the daily creative activities program is carried out in English, free of charge, and includes theater, art, music, tales and games.

Students depart the school via school buses and are dropped off at the predetermined stops according to the regular bus routes.

Creative Activities during school holidays 07:30 - 17:00

The Schools remain open and offer creative activities programs during the holiday breaks at Christmas and Easter as well as other school holidays, from 07:30 to 17:00.

Summer Creative Activities 07: 30 - 17: 00

The Schools offer the summer creative activities program during June and July and remain closed throughout August. They welcome students with a variety of activities, innovative programs, lots of games, relaxation and joy. In a safe and creative environment, children:

  • Learn, while nurturing inclinations and interests.
  • Read, narrate and dramatize favorite tales.
  • Get to know their city, their country and the world.
  • Play with nature and mathematics.
  • Play sports, dance and sing.

Clubs are an innovative initiative of the Schools that enables our students to:

  • Discover and cultivate their specific inclinations and talents.
  • Express their creativity and ingenuity.
  • Take initiative in the spirit of teamwork.
  • Engage in something unique.

Day Care Center, Seniors, Seeds

  • Fun with arts and crafts
  • The wonderful world of English fun and games
  • Musicland
  • Fairytales - Dramatization - Theatrical play - Shadow theater
  • Young chefs in the kitchen
  • Team games

Kindergarten, Pre-Kindergarten, Blossoms

  • Computer magic
  • Fun with arts and crafts
  • You are what you eat
  • The wonderful world of English fun and games
  • Around the world in a school year
  • Karagiozis and his friends
  • Dolls come alive
  • Young explorers
  • Young artists
  • Young chefs in the kitchen
  • Team games
  • The world of gymnastics
  • Shoot, penalties and dribbles

Kindergarten, Kindergarten, Beatles

  • Computer magic
  • English cooking
  • Fun with arts and crafts
  • You are what you eat
  • The wonderful world of English fun and games
  • Mini rugby
  • Around the world in a school year
  • Karagiozis and his friends
  • Dolls come alive
  • Young explorers
  • Young artists
  • Team games
  • The world of gymnastics
  • Orange ball wizards
  • Shoot, penalties and dribbles
  • Young tennis players

Nature and me

Love for Mother Nature and her unique creatures, as well as respect towards the environment, are cultivated from a young age, not only through literature, music, visual arts, but also through educational, experiential excursions.

The bean and chickpea

Fairies and kings, dragons and giants! Beloved heroes come to life through our imagination and lead us to the magical land of fairy tales. In this particular world we are also transported, by reading and performing dramatizations of stories, in order to discover an inexhaustible treasure of knowledge and creative thinking.

Learning to live healthily

Children’s keen interest to get to know their bodies is an appropriate trigger to learn, and to promote daily hygiene habits within the school, like brushing teeth. We learn to live healthily, by playing and creating.

Others and me

What color is joy and what love? What causes us fear? When do we feel sad? With books, music and painting as our precious assistants, we talk about what we have hidden inside; we play the game of emotions and dramatize different situations, expressing what we feel with our bodies. We explore ourselves and others in order to discover the rich world of emotions.

Heroes of myths

A fascinating journey through time begins with our favorite heroes of Greek mythology as they are brought to life through their stories. The admirable labors of Hercules and the exciting adventures of Theseus and Jason stimulate children's imagination. We dramatize scenes from their lives, create artistic projects and look for these heroes in artwork.

Animals seek their rights

To celebrate the love of children for animals, a journey whose final destination is the expression of love and respect for animals and nature, begins in the first days of the school year. We hear the stories of our little friends and learn about their rights. Through experiential activities children are sensitized to the issue of stray animals and take action to provide assistance to those animals that need our care.

On the trail of gods and myths

We continue our journey from mythical heroes to famous gods of the Ancient Greeks. We follow their tracks, we learn about them and look for them in works of ancient and contemporary art. They offer the opportunity to discover the beauty of Greek mythology and through exploration and reflection to develop an inquiring mind and get to know the precious treasures a museum "hides."

I build my body right ... by always eating healthily

Through a variety of experiential activities, children understand that it is necessary to promote their health through proper nutrition and exercise. Vitamins, fruits and vegetables appear in fairy tales and songs, urging us to act, learn, and play.

Art and Child

The Educational program "Art and Child", held in Kindergarten throughout the school year, enables children to come into contact with the work of Greek and foreign artists. Through observation they get to know and familiarize themselves with diverse forms of art and a variety of techniques. In addition, they cultivate their aesthetic education, develop their skills and imagination, and express themselves in a creative way.

In our school’s new innovative program, our young scientists come into contact with the magical world of science for the first time.  Flying glasses, apples that change color and Halloween pumpkins that come alive all form a spectacular backdrop, through which young children learn to explore, observe, classify and create. Thus, the first steps in the world of science and technology remain unforgettable since they are combined with joy and inventiveness. The program is aimed at students of all levels of preschool education through the appropriate adaptation of activities depending on age.

In our school’s new innovative program, our young scientists come into contact with the magical world of science for the first time.  Flying glasses, apples that change color and Halloween pumpkins that come alive all form a spectacular backdrop, through which young children learn to explore, observe, classify and create. Thus, the first steps in the world of science and technology remain unforgettable since they are combined with joy and inventiveness. The program is aimed at students of all levels of preschool education through the appropriate adaptation of activities depending on age.

In our school’s new innovative program, our young scientists come into contact with the magical world of science for the first time.  Flying glasses, apples that change color and Halloween pumpkins that come alive all form a spectacular backdrop, through which young children learn to explore, observe, classify and create. Thus, the first steps in the world of science and technology remain unforgettable since they are combined with joy and inventiveness. The program is aimed at students of all levels of preschool education through the appropriate adaptation of activities depending on age.


Within the framework of the Bookmates program, students of Day Care Center - Kindergarten have the opportunity to become acquainted with books, authors and illustrators of a publishing house during a school year. Thus, the book becomes a game, joy, knowledge, communication, an act of creation.

All Literature
and Discourse Programs


Under this program English Garden students read literary books not only to practice their English, but also to enjoy reading and to share the joy with their peers, teachers and parents.

In addition, an interdisciplinary approach to the books with visual tasks, language exercises, games, and dramatizations serves to spur discussions.

All Literature
and Discourse Programs

The Schools, since their foundation, have the ancient saying “healthy mind in a healthy body” as a guide in combining sports with excellent education.

Sport is an integral part of school life and supported by highly qualified teachers of physical education and coaches, as well as by outstanding infrastructure.

Our students’ numerous and significant distinctions on a world and national level fully justify this choice.

School Sports

According to grade, age and class in the course of Physical Education, objectives and priorities are reached through the following actions:

  • Exercises that help them to become familiar with and control their body, and to develop space perception.
  • Develop motor skills.
  • Use of gymnastics equipment (rings, trampolines, balls, climbing racks, mats, sand bags, obstacles, balance beam, bars, blocks, ropes, etc.).
  • Use of music and musical instruments (rhythm, music therapy).
  • Kinetic cooperation exercises.
  • Team games (urge students to follow rules).
  • Introduction and implementation of simple protective measures.
  • Development of stimuli for participation.
  • Video presentations in animated form about motor activities.
  • Initiation to the world of sport.
  • Understanding and valuing diversity.
  • Initiation to Olympic education.

Environmental projects

Visits to environmentally important areas for our younger students of kindergarten and elementary schools, and environmental projects, excursions, and various activities for older students of our Junior High School, cultivate the sensitivity of our children towards nature. The environmental actions of Mandoulides Schools have repeatedly been singled out for the Green Flag award by the Greek Society for the Protection of Nature.

Art and Performance


The early learning music program of the Day Care Center and Kindergarten opens a window to the wonderful world of music.

Objectives of the program are:

  • Cultivation of love for music.
  • Smooth and well-rounded development of the child.
  • Experiential approach to the world of music through games, drama and visual work.
  • Attainment of sufficient knowledge for children who want to continue their musical studies.
  • Development of the imagination.

These goals are achieved by:

  • Musical kinetic games, active listening of music, songs, musical tales, audio stories.
  • Accredited pre-education music systems (Orff, Dalcrose, etc.).
  • Introduction to audio and musical improvisations, but also musical phrasing and forms.
  • Encouragement of expression and imitation of various melodies and rhythms.

Art Gallery

The wondrous world of the arts comprises an endless source of inspiration for the cultivation of children’s aesthetics, as well as for the development of a personal relationship with culture. Pre-Kindergarten and Blossoms students come into contact with paintings of famous artists, such as Wassily Kandinsky, Franz Marc, et al. Students engage in a range of interdisciplinary activities. They observe works of art, talk about shapes, colors, and lines, as well as the reactions these elicit. Inspired by such works of art, students manage to depict these paintings in their own way, using various materials and techniques. This process cultivates students’ ability to perceive the world that surrounds them in a multidimensional manner. Finally, through the program students are taught that art is a realm of freedom, expression and collaboration.

Live Art Gallery

When children are inspired to create art themselves and come into contact with adults’ artwork, they better understand how art is created, what it can express and how it pervades everyday life.

Objectives of the program are:

  • To nurture children’s aesthetic culture.
  • To develop children’s personal relationship with culture.
  • To decode the language of images and incorporate art in everyday life in order to beautify it.
  • To help the new generation understand that art is place of free expression and encounter with others.

With the completion of the project, at the end of the school year, a live art exhibition takes place, where Kindergarten students are photographed representing the gods of Olympus as they are depicted in the sculptures and vase paintings of ancient Greece.

Theatrical Games

This program aims to contribute to children’s sense of expression and ultimately to their balanced development.

This is achieved by:

  • Participation in a variety of experiential activities.
  • Improvisation, imitation, creative expression with movement and speech.
  • Providing the right stimulus for the integration of students into the magical world of drama.
  • Activating the imagination.
  • Spurring creativity.
  • Cooperation, encouragement of initiative and critical thinking.

Sunday at Mandoulides Schools

The Sunday at Mandoulides Schools program enables children, together with their parents, to attend and participate enthusiastically in a variety of activities.

Workshops, innovative educational programs and book presentations are just a few of the activities that creatively fill Sunday mornings!



The fast paced life of families nowadays, after all, often renders the establishment of a healthy diet difficult. Mandoulides Schools, in a continuing effort to educate their students and increase awareness for parents as far as following a healthy diet is concerned, have been implementing the program “Eating Healthily at Mandoulides Schools.”

  • Free breakfast for the Day Care Center and Kindergarten, which includes: bread, cheese, marmalade, honey and fresh milk.
  • Optional catering service for all students.
  • Labels with calorimetric analysis and nutrient percentages accompany the products offered by the canteens.
  • On the individual meal packages that meet all health requirements, calories and nutrients are listed.

Eating Healthily

Special Educational Programs

Mandoulides Schools offer students the opportunity to attend special educational programs and academies designed to offer a comprehensive education and to cultivate students' skills.

In Mandoulides Schools’ Special Educational Programs and Academies:

  • The trust we have placed in the Schools’ standards and experience is substantiated.
  • Classes are taught by select and experienced associates and educators.
  • Classes are carried out in the Schools’ state of the art facilities.
  • Classes are held in a safe environment.
  • Students are transported using a school bus service.
  • Parents save precious time.
Special Educational Programs per level
Special Educational Programs
English After School Link Pre-Kindergarten, Kindergarten
French Bilingue - Link Pre-Kindergarten, Kindergarten
German Bilingual - Link Pre-Kindergarten, Kindergarten
Robotics Kindergarten
Ballet Day Care Center, Pre-Kindergarten, Kindergarten
Modern Dance Pre-Kindergarten, Kindergarten
Swimming Pre-Kindergarten, Kindergarten
Ski & Snowboard Pre-Kindergarten, Kindergarten
Tennis Kindergarten

All Special
Educational Programs


MAS Sports Academies

The Evangelos Mantoulidis Cultural Athletic Association (MAS) was founded in 1970 by the late Evangelos Mantoulidis. Its primary purpose is the well-rounded and harmonious development of physical, intellectual and mental skills of its members and their cultural edification.

The association’s work focuses on the cultivation of sportsmanship, carried out through the operation of sports academies.

MAS Sports Academies per level
MAS Sports Academies
Basketball Kindergarten
Soccer Day Care Center, Pre-Kindergarten, Kindergarten
Tae Kwon Do Pre-Kindergarten, Kindergarten

Sports Academies


Summer Programs

The Schools continue operating in the summer months and offer several educational and sports programs.

Why choose the Schools’ summer programs?

  • We creatively utilize our free time.
  • We acquire knowledge in a fun and playful way.
  • We develop our social skills.
  • We participate in excursions and outings.
  • We practice our favorite sports.
  • We learn by playing and creating in a safe and familiar environment.
Summer Programs per level
Summer Programs
English & Adventure Camp Pre-Kindergarten, Kindergarten
Summer Creative Activities Day Care Center, Pre-Kindergarten, Kindergarten
All Star Basketball & Shooting - Footwork Camp Kindergarten
Soccer Camp Pre-Kindergarten, Kindergarten
Tennis Camp Pre-Kindergarten, Kindergarten
Swimming Camp Pre-Kindergarten, Kindergarten

All Summer